Night time, the most pleasant and serene time of the day. When the chaos is slowly fleeing your mind and filling your soul with the calmness night brings with it.There is so much going around us which gets blocked out or we miss due to the constant buzzing around us during the day.Night brings out all the sonic beauty in the nature there is.Listen closely, it’s telling you something!!


I can see the moon from the tiny window
I can feel the moonlight on my skin
It seems so far yet so near
It reminds of the days and the nights there have been

Everything is in rhythm and everything is out of sync
You feel the wind in your face and
And the moonlight falling on your skin

Hear the faint melodies in the midst of the chaos
And your lips sync to the songs you have long forgotten
Fingers warm up to the cup in your hand
These are the days we never wanted to end

You are awake and yet the world is sleeping
Try to hold the sand but everything is slipping.

Count the footsteps on the street
And the buzzing of the cricket
You hear it so closely
Yet can’t seem to find it

How live it looks
How beautifully it glides
They say everything is resting
And yet everything moves me from inside.

The photo I used in this blog has been generously shared by Dennis Savenko

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