Treasure (Micro poetry)


Autumn-Takes away a piece of me

I stand here barren, naked, those leaves on me keeping up the  decked up pretenses trying to satiate my  inconsolable heart not to lose hope and lose that spark my languid arms  is the stark reality of the emotions  being stripped off me one by one as they fall  scuttling towards their seasonal death a sign of … Continue reading Autumn-Takes away a piece of me


I have a secret message a covert skill  I am  conversant with, I have written you a million times  scribbled you secretly  nipped and tucked you in my verses hiding from the prying eyes folded neatly between the pages of my poetry  tucked  secretly under the  poetic verses you can find my eternal love dripping in those context … Continue reading Covert

Between- a love poem

Between the spaces of my heartbeats I have knitted you a home Come sit and feel cozy nestled deep in the  embrace of my  soul oozing with the overflowing love that elixir gushing out of  every single pore of my self dripping from the fingertips Come, get washed up in the fountain of sweet milk and honey … Continue reading Between- a love poem