My words

My words are falling incessantly from that oak tree lying in the refuge at the bottom  of that big old giant waiting for the mercy of the wind  to gently glide and take  away to promised lands where they were strewn again  or kept in the folds of the  those yellow pages to remind us again … Continue reading My words


Deny me bread, air, light, spring, but never your laughter for I would die. --Pablo Neruda It is the sheer feeling that mere thought that I can be turned down for the most beautiful wonderous feeling on the face of this earth a feeling so deeply woven. into the fabric of our hearts. The core … Continue reading Denied


This poem is in continuation of the micro poetry of the same name. Read Origin here. That sweet essence  those aromatic hues encapsulating  me and my soul where my desires douse and  are reborn  as they are  baptized in your love stripped of all my sins as my faults and scars are  slowly and surely erased  and  … Continue reading Origin

Why I need your love?

Don't ask me to explain why I need your love, a parched soul, in the search of that oasis even the slightest glance of you quenches my heart Don't ask me to explain why I need your love, a wild deer, galloping in the thicket of the forest seeking fervently for that musk seeded within his … Continue reading Why I need your love?

Where is the home you are looking for?

Being a part of a relationship should not be like facing an obstacle course. Yes, it should present you with challenges and give you the experience of dealing and growing but the whole timeline of being in a relationship should not present itself as a confrontation. A constant challenge. It should help you grow as … Continue reading Where is the home you are looking for?


How many times have you been mistaken for someone else in a crowd or when you are missing someone so dearly that you are constantly looking for bits of him in other people.I guess " The out of sight, out of mind" analogy doesn't work for the people who are longing for their lost ones.Love always leaves a deep impression on your soul, which is hard to forget. Love reflects in mysterious ways.