Indie Blu(e) Publishing Announces The Release of We Will Not Be Silenced

And the day has finally arrived which marks the book launch of my writings alongside other talented and brave writers. It's not just a book but mission to raise the awareness about sexual abuse survivors through prose, poetry, and art. Really thankful to the editors Christine E. Ray, Candice Louisa, Kindra M Austin, and Rachel … Continue reading Indie Blu(e) Publishing Announces The Release of We Will Not Be Silenced


Acceptance in the Directory of Poets and Writers aka

Dear blogging family, I can't contain my excitement as I share the news of my acceptance in the directory of poets maintained by the Poets and Writers ( Founded in 1970, Poets & Writers is the USA's largest nonprofit organization serving creative writers. Their mission is to foster the professional development of poets and writers, … Continue reading Acceptance in the Directory of Poets and Writers aka

Poetry published in KOAN ( Paragon Press)- “Tourniquet”

I feel humble and delighted to see my poem featured in this esteemed journal. This marks a new chapter in my journey of being a writer. KOAN -one of the literary magazines hosted by the esteemed Paragon Press. As they describe themselves "The Paragon Press is an up-and-coming literary publishing house that is home of The Paragon … Continue reading Poetry published in KOAN ( Paragon Press)- “Tourniquet”

Poetry Published in Life in 10 minutes-“Acceptance”

So happy and delighted to see my poem "Acceptance" in the online magazine " Life in 10 minutes".Life in 10 minutes is an initiative started by Valley Haggard, a recipient of 2014 Theresa Pollak Prize and a 2015 Style Weekly Women in the Arts Award. Life in 10 minutes is a challenge to express your … Continue reading Poetry Published in Life in 10 minutes-“Acceptance”

Poetry Published in the FIVE:2: ONE # Sideshow Magazine -“House”(Micro poetry)

Dear blogging family, I could not contain my excitement to share this news that my first micro poetry along with spoken word got published in the #Sidehow part of the coveted FIVE:2: One Magazine. They are one of the esteemed Literary magazines referred to by Poets &Writers aka'm really thankful to the editor in chief, … Continue reading Poetry Published in the FIVE:2: ONE # Sideshow Magazine -“House”(Micro poetry)

Poetry published in the Dime Show Review – Heritage

You know you have hit a milestone in your poetry when you get published in a poetry magazine as esteemed as Dime Show review. Dime Show Review is a curated collection of poetry and fiction featuring poets and authors from around the globe. Each story or poem is paired with a photograph taken by one … Continue reading Poetry published in the Dime Show Review – Heritage

Poetry published in the Vita Brevis Magazine- Impressions

How do you feel when the poetry magazine which you have been in awe of since the day of their inception and have spent countless hours reading their poems and admiring the talent of the writers published on their site has agreed to publish your poem? I fell elated and top of the world since … Continue reading Poetry published in the Vita Brevis Magazine- Impressions

1st place winner at “NAMI NJ Dara Axelrod Expressive Arts 2018 Mental Health Poetry Contest”

Dear blogging family, I'm feeling elated and top of my world to hear that my poem "My Victory Song" got the 1st place in the "NAMI NJ Dara Axelrod Expressive Arts 2018 Mental Health Poetry Contest" among the 10 shortlisted finalists. The award function will take place on June 09,2018. I would really like to thank … Continue reading 1st place winner at “NAMI NJ Dara Axelrod Expressive Arts 2018 Mental Health Poetry Contest”

We are poets

“Poets are shameless with their experiences: they exploit them.”  ― Friedrich Nietzsche We all are trying to touch the bottom of the madness the absolute end to visualize how far we can stretch our insanity and how much it can take the pressure and survive till it breaks down and shatters into small bits of craziness and false … Continue reading We are poets

Fleeting romance

“The very essence of romance is uncertainty.” ― Oscar Wilde Oh! how fleeting it was how softly it made me blush left my heart feeling so sanguine a feathered touch that soft subtle feeling those fleeting glances and catching them through the corner of the eyes I'm trying to hide that feeling so fervently where it … Continue reading Fleeting romance

Social Evils ( An Anthology)

Hello, my blogging family, As they say that "Pen is mightier than the sword" and being a poet/blogger we all know about the mesmerizing and strong impression our words can make on the lives of the people around us. On the eve of the World poetry day, I would like to wish all my bloggers/writers/poets of … Continue reading Social Evils ( An Anthology)

Lifecycle of a poem ( An anthology)

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.” ― Plato Hello, my blogging family, This next series of poems I'm trying to write is an ode to poetry. I just wanted to write … Continue reading Lifecycle of a poem ( An anthology)


I call this the necessary transformation the inevitable change the unavoidable incident when I lay my heart bare and you ripped it to shreds I gathered the pieces weaved a chrysalis out of it and stayed inside till I came out as a butterfly from the battered caterpillar you left me to be --Megha Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash … Continue reading Metamorphosis

Poetry feature on Whisper and the Roar Can you hold your ground?- Megha Sood

Poetry feature of Whisper and the roar. Go, check it out and let me know your precious feedback.

Whisper and the Roar

can you hold your ground

Have you ever been scarred by the moonlight?

Have you ever been scared to death,

by your big dreams?

Have you ever been scratched

and clawed by the angels?

Ripping your soul apart

as your hope dangles.

Have you ever get burned by the holy water,

left writhing and seething in pain?

Have you ever been torched by love,

left burning and crushing your hopes in vain?

Have you ever been blinded by a rainbow,

and left in the dark to wander?

Have you ever been duped by the trust

of the people you encountered?

Have you ever been succumbed

by the fragrance of the rose?

Does the proximity of  someone

scrapes you a little more?

Does the calmness in the moment

drives you crazy?

Does the feel of dewdrops

blisters your skin easy?

Have you ever felt jaded by

the squeals and laughs of everyone around?

Do you still…

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Poetry Feature on Whisper and the Roar Flinch- Megha Sood

Poetry Feature on Whisper and the Roar. Come read and let me know how you feel.

Whisper and the Roar


My soul flinches at the

very mention of your name

My fingers tremble in the night

as I recall the nightmare


like a bad movie

stuck on the reels

I want to scrape the

memory of yours

want to mask it with the

empty memories of

my life

the stench of your

sickening presence

has suffocated me

for so long

has left an abyss in my soul

even if I’m blinded

by the goodness

of the light surrounding me

you still can manage

to cast a shadow

and eclipse my heart

with all the pain

I have been

hiding all along

the shivering, trembling

and those seizures of

incessant pain

never seems to slow down

the gut-wrenching

feel of your touch

which scarred my soul

has left a deep impression

which I so want to ignore

Not a single day passes

when I wish your

existence should

be a…

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Exciting Changes at the Go Dog Go Cafe!

..and Now officially I’m a barista at the GoDogGo cafe. Yay!!

Go Dog Go Café


You may have noticed that we have been shining up the counters at the Go Dog Go Cafe, debuting some new menu items and adding some new writers to our Barista and Regular Contributor Rosters.  It is a new year at the Go Dog Go Cafe and we are really excited about the direction the Cafe is going.

We are committed to the Go Dog Go Cafe’s Mission of providing a warm, inviting and inspiring gathering space for building a healthy and supportive writing community.  We will be pairing excellent original writing from our Baristas, Regular Contributors and Guest Baristas with a mix of special features that explore the writing life, including our new feature Ask A Barista, where we will tackle your writing and blogging questions and give feedback on your works in progress.

We are happy to have founding Baristas Steve Fuller and Gina Gallyot back on a…

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Poetry feature on Visual Verse

I'm so elated and excited to tell you that one of my poems got published in the Visual Verse. for January 2018. Visual Verse is a collaboration. An anthology of art, poetry, short fiction, and non-fiction. Go, check it out and let me know your precious feedback. Here is the link to my poem "Mirage". Thanks a million … Continue reading Poetry feature on Visual Verse

Guest Barista Megha Sood: Saintly

Third time is a charm, they say. Got my third poem published on the literary collective GoDogGocafe.

Check it out and shower your love on it!

Go Dog Go Café

Megha 3

Failed virtues of the people today
nothing can be fixed
going to church every day
You’re Catholic
and I’m pious
and we still have our fingers
dipped in the blood
of our desires
What makes you more saintly than me I ask
Oh! I pray and confess twice in the last pass
I repent my sins
and donate to charity
to evade taxes
cause I can’t stand in the stinky lines
of the soup kitchen
to feel those empty glances
I’m looking at the God
and still stripping you with my eyes
they say I’m a man of cloth
who has burned every desire
Lighting up candles
kneeling to make my wishes come true
I can kill a person’s desire to live
but I can make a saint out of you.
Reading the holy scriptures
and accepting the truth in the gospel
we are camouflaging so beautifully
hiding the devil…

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Seven Deadly sins( An anthology of poems)

Hello, my blogging family, Recently I started working on my anthology of poems about the seven deadly sins. However, it started with me writing a poem about jealousy and while I was nearing the end of it, it just crossed my mind to do the whole series about the seven deadly sins. I’ve never worked on an anthology before … Continue reading Seven Deadly sins( An anthology of poems)

Guest Barista Megha Sood: Sparkle

Hey my blogging family,

I’m in seventh heaven today as one of my poems again got published on the literary collective GoDogGo cafe. Go check it out.

Go Dog Go Café

Megha 2

The sparkle in her eyes
as she sees him
the peaceful glean in her eyes
as he steps back in the household
It brings happiness
etched in her wrinkles
happiness radiating
from her crow’s-feet
A new wave of life and energy
flows through her old veins
the flash of happiness
through her cracked lips
the glow on her face
can put the sun to shame

The eternal wait and
constant worrying has
finally, come to an end
the moment he walks in
Her whole world is there
right at the moment
He is her epicenter again.

Her old bones have been
re-energized with the flow of
her love and passion
her instincts have been resurrected
from the deep slumber, they were in.
she again becomes
the epitome of care
making her mission
to shower her love
and gently wash away all his pain
Well, nothing can compare
the ecstasy of…

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We, humans, have the proclivity to shut down emotionally in a state of emotional crisis.We all feel that we are safeguarding ourselves from all the pain and angst by keeping the help at bay and downplaying the hurt we are going through. It takes a lot of courage to open to someone and to share your deep emotional thoughts with people around us. We all feel very vulnerable by doing so, but are we really keeping us safe this way?


How many times have you been mistaken for someone else in a crowd or when you are missing someone so dearly that you are constantly looking for bits of him in other people.I guess " The out of sight, out of mind" analogy doesn't work for the people who are longing for their lost ones.Love always leaves a deep impression on your soul, which is hard to forget. Love reflects in mysterious ways.

Are you writing from heart?

“A drop of ink may make a million think.” ― George Gordon Byron How do you know what you are writing is coming from your heart? How do you know what you are writing will resonate with the readers and they will be able to understand the true meaning hidden behind the words. Well, I … Continue reading Are you writing from heart?

Silence- A beautiful conversation

Silences between the conversation the most beautiful feeling The pause where the world stops but the feeling flows eternally   Silence of the heart The rhythm to which the heart beats  untuned with the chaos of the world paired only with him   Raindrops are mute too but touches you whole  as they make a … Continue reading Silence- A beautiful conversation

Who is an artist?

“An artist should create beautiful things, but should put nothing of his own life into them.” ― Oscar Wilde He is an imposter, a fake. Who hides his true identity but reflects the feelings and emotions of the person he is portraying in the purest form. Someone who takes the form of a person, thoughts, … Continue reading Who is an artist?

How to be a child again?

Clear your heart of all the damning thoughts Wipe your mind of all the sad memories; Clean up your life all of the bad experience; Cleanse your soul with the purity of love; Undo all the bad deeds done all these years; Unlive the horrible experiences of life; Un-learn the sad truths of the world; … Continue reading How to be a child again?


Have you ever felt so connected to a person that the mere presence of him in a room will fill you with passion? Even though he is not near you, he can immerse you in his soulful presence. Your heart starts beating to his rhythm and your eyes are desperately waiting for the glance where you connect. The following post encompasses that feeling. Read the following post and let me know how you feel about it.

I Can Wait – Megha Sood

My piece featured on the Free Verse Revolution based on December theme Hope


Displaying joyce-huis-280788-unsplash (1).jpgI can hold your hands till you bleed

till your soul is absolved

of all the sins and predilections

till your skin is wiped clean

off all the scars

and voice is cleansed

from all the expletives

to get the searing pain

washed off your soul

I can wait

till the blood is wiped off

cleansed and scrubbed off

from every single pore of your wretched skin

we can hope for the love

we can hope for the light

but the battles are never won

it is an unending fight

I can hold you in my thoughts

till the crimson sun

bleeds in the skies

and the horizon is tainted red

with its scars

I can wait for you till the ashen moon

rubs off the scars of its face and

renders itself pure

I can wait till time finds its wriggling tale and

bites it deep.

I can wait…

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Two poems published in the Madness Muse Press Blog-“Broken” and “Immigrant”

This fills me with happiness to see that two of my poems have been featured on the Madness Muse Press Blog. I"m really thankful to the associate editor Chani Zwibel to have given me the opportunity. Madness Muse was founded in 2016 as a means to publish writing with sociopolitical learnings.Currently it is  press dedicated … Continue reading Two poems published in the Madness Muse Press Blog-“Broken” and “Immigrant”