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I wrote this one when one of the days I was feeling low. Everything around me was bringing me down and I just wanted to feel happy. I needed something to cheer me up and something to keep me going through all the pain I was feeling around me. So I wrote this as a way to keep the heart stronger amongst all the sadness in the world.


Stay beautiful
stay beautiful my heart
You have lots to learn and lots to forgot
Days will come and fill you with love
Emotions will make you happy
And people will crush
Some will poke you
and some will hug
Stay beautiful
stay beautiful my heart
Desires will drive you crazy
Romance will take you for a ride
You have to pick up your own pieces
And do it in your stride
Passion will lit every bit of you
Will warm your…

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This post is an ode to the strong, fierce women who are survivors of acid attacks. They go through immense physical and emotional pain but still manage to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. I salute to all such woman, who after going through a life-altering incident has never backed down, never given up and showed the world the real strength of a fighting soul.
” He has changed my face, not my heart. He has burned my face , not my dreams”
                                                                           –Laxmi Agarwal, acid attack survivor
She is fierce, brave

Braving the world

Facing the wrath

atoning sins of her ancestors

living  a misogynistic truth

Pushing through the hurdles of the society

blending in the traditions

Standing tall in the face of the lies

She is ignoring all the scars 

on her face, on her soul

every pore on her body emanates her glow

She is strong enough for every slap now

She can smile through her pain now

You can drag her through the mud and slick

You can scrape her knees and make her bleed

You can make her scream till she chokes

But you can't make her hide

the face which glows.
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You pour out your emotions

You put your heart out

in the hands of a new soul

you become vulnerable every minute

every second you float

You have spoken from the 

deep corners of your heart

you are completely naked

In front of a stranger

stripped off your lies

you can't fake it even for a minute

His voice gives you voice

his heart gives you rhythm

your life glows on his brightness

Ignoring the naysayer's wisdom

Wearing your heart on your sleeve

living life in a heartbeat

braving the feelings to this cruel world

You tap to the beat

You traded a heart for a heart

Sealed the deal with a kiss

Not knowing how long this will last

Now be ready to live with the risk

Photo by Zoriana Stakhniv on Unsplash

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At the crossroads of life
What path you will follow
Will you follow your heart your dreams
Or choices that are nothing but shallow
Will you succumb to the pain of the bleeding heart
Will you free yourself from the aching shard
Will you free yourself from the choked-up voices
and the screaming heart
Will you bow down to the lie and fall apart

Rise up..rise up and free your soul
Look there is so much to live and more
There are dew drops after the clouds pass on
And there is melody and rhythm after the song is gone
There is warmth after the embrace
There are memories after the face
There are ripples after the wave
There is a you and me somewhere on that page.

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Stay in touch

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One thing you can’t hide – is when you’re crippled inside.
― John Lennon

cristian-newman-207815 (1).jpg

Remember how we always say this to people who are leaving, moving away, getting a farewell, changing jobs etc. We ask them not to be a stranger and to stay in touch with us.
I have always wondered why shouldn’t we do the same to our long-lost feelings.

I think we should always be in touch with our feelings too.With all that hurt and mounting pressures of life, our heart is stretched too thin to feel anything anymore.

So here is a shout out to all my feelings.

We shouldn’t be a stranger to them. Shouldn’t avoid facing them.Shouldn’t avoid looking them directly in the eye and saying that …”Yes, Fear I know you exist. I know you are there.I know I can’t run away from you. I know you will surface now and then but I will always be ready to…

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A Baby’s thought

“The littlest feet make the biggest footprint in our hearts”

As a parent, we always wonder what babies are feeling or thinking at a given moment.Have you ever wondered what a baby feels when he sees an anxious parent around all the time?
A little poem from the baby’s perspective.


A baby with toy in his mouth

Sometimes I wonder
Why is he around so much
Anxious and scared all the time
Why he doesn’t try things
Which seems easy and fine.


Why he is bogged down and bothered by every step I take
Why he keeps running after me
Whenever I try to get away

Why he always try to make me laugh
As I’m bored all the way
Why can’t he seem to sit still
And enjoy the life away

Oh, he thinks he can save me from everything
When he can barely keep his thoughts fleeting
When his own heart is not in control
How can he stop me from wishing

Oh I think I know now
They always feel as a protector
He thinks he knows how
My parents, my caretaker.

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“The only queer people are those who don’t love anybody.”
― Rita Mae Brown

I stand in front of mirror

facing a lie

draped my body in clothes

surrounded by a deception

No mirror can reveal 

the truth my soul is crying for

No reflection is ever going to do justice

to the moments I'm breathing for

I just want to tear apart my self

from limb to limb

to show the world

what I really feel within 

I'm so tired

of living life like a fraud.

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