Seven Deadly sins( An anthology of poems)


Hello, my blogging family,

Recently I started working on my anthology of poems about the seven deadly sins. However, it started with me writing a poem about jealousy and while I was nearing the end of it, it just crossed my mind to do the whole series about the seven deadly sins. I’ve never worked on an anthology before and this is my first humble attempt, so I’m really apprehensive about it. As always, I expect the support and constructive feedback from my community, which makes me a better writer by each passing day.

I’m planning to publish a poem daily for the next seven days.Hoping, I would be able to live up to the expectation of my readers.

As I keep publishing, I’ll keep updating the links to the posts below.

1. Jealousy(Envy)
2. Gluttony (Gula)
3. Lust (Luxuria)
4. Greed (Avaritia)
5. Sloth (Acedia)
6. Wrath (Ira)
7. Pride ( Hubris)

Happy blogging!

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My beautiful night


The dark engulfs
your sorrows and pains
and paint a different shade of happiness
A different shade of grey

The night paint kohl in your eyes
underline the magic in your gaze;
it casts the spell
of  your tantalizing looks
turning my wishes ablaze

Takes me, the stranger
into the whirlwind
of your desire;
spins me around
sets my heart on fire

The night whisper
in your ears 
my sweetest desires
the forbidden wishes
I so want to come true;
it takes away
all the darkness
strip all the loneliness
dissolve all the malice in me and you

It unveils the mystery
which intrigues you for so long;
rekindle that fire, stir you slowly
keeps the emotions going strong

 The silent night
gives voice to my muted soul;
resonate the love
etched in me and
serenades you from my core

It defines your beauty
in its elegant silhouette;
sunrise starts the day
but wearing the night
as an amulet.

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Brave- Megha Sood

Poetry feature on Whisper and the Roar. An ode to the strong brave women.

Whisper and the Roar

brave Megha sood

This post is an ode to the strong, fierce women who are survivors of acid
attacks. They go through immense physical and emotional pain but still
manage to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. I salute to all such woman, who
after going through a life-altering incident has never backed down, never given
up and showed the world the real strength of a fighting soul.

” He has changed my face, not my heart. He has burned my face ,
not my dreams”
–Laxmi Agarwal, acid attack survivor

She is fierce, brave
Braving the world
Facing the wrath
atoning sins of her ancestors
living a misogynistic truth
Pushing through the hurdles of the society
blending in the traditions
Standing tall in the face of the lies
She is ignoring all the scars
on her face, on her soul
every pore on her body emanates her glow
She is strong…

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Pain- A residue

This post is in response to the daily prompt Shock

Megha's World

“Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.”
― Bob Dylan


Pain is a residue.

Its an outcome of all the emotions, feelings, pain and anxiety.
Whatever your body is feeling churned out altogether for it to cause a deep sensation.

After you have been through a horrific, turmoil in your life..when you are going through it, the body is in constant shock. It does not register anything-anything at all your mind is going through. Once the phase is over and your brain starts processing it… it realizes what shock you have experienced and as a reminder to yourself.. leaves a residue in your system.

That is Pain.

Hell, if ever your body didn’t have this immune mechanism to prevent you in the state of shock you would have experienced both the shock and pain at the same time which would have been horrible for any human being to…

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Her supple body
coupled with
nimble steps
on tight rung wire
stretched thin
on a pole top
Life a gamble between the
balance and the misstep
she takes the risk
from dusk to dawn
People are looking up
gazing at the sun
to get a glimpse of her
how skilfully she moved
from one end to another
The passerby stops and watch
with constant amaze
how easily she can spin
her body
with so much grace
When all the hungry eyes
betting on her fall
she constantly ignores
the stomach which growls.
Her daily bread is
mounted on the another
end of the wire
to bring
back the light
to her dazed
eyes is her
only desire.


This post is in response to the daily prompt Agile


I have seen how the definition of this heinous act has degraded over the years.Initially, just being raped was a taint to someone soul and body and now as the humanity degrades further and flushes the morals down the drain even more, just being alive after being raped is considered “lucky”. So where are we heading?


You are broken and
crumbled in thousand pieces
You try to lift with
your tiny finger
the shreds cutting
and piercing
your deep
yellow heart
devoid of any pain
as the eyes gazes
from emptiness to nothing
As you pick up the pieces
And suck the pain
With blood dripping from your soul
your body turned inside out
shamelessly they took
the white soul
and stained it with
their tainted emotions
you let them have you
your eyes pried open
A witness to the living death
and the gore
they had you
they devoured
every shred of your living life
With blood dripping
going down the drain
you are lucky to have
the last gasp of breath
left inside you
you were lucky
they left the last
fragment of soul in you
you were lucky
you were pardoned
after being raped

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Depression is not a state of mind..its a disease. Get help.

Brave and Reckless

Thinking today of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell and Robin Williams and all of those whose lives have been lost to depression and suicide but did not make the headlines or the social media news feeds.   I have walked in your shoes.  I have put my leg over the bridge, stood at the open 13th  story window and considered walking out, have thought I was nothing, thought that others would be better off without me.  Those are the lies depression tells us.  You mattered.  You are missed.

Inspired by Phases  by Kevin Kantor & Sienna Burnett

the suicide note

she did not leave

left a faint  imprint

on the wooden table

where they would sit and talk

over cups…

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Awesome Blogger Award


Love and appreciation never stop coming when you are surrounded by a community filled with such awesome talented people. January couldn’t  get any better than me getting nominated for the awesome blogger award by Dronstad.

He is an awesome blogger who has own unique way of storytelling and weaving his own magical world with his words. Go check out his blog. You might get recruited!!

Now, I’m going to try to answer all the questions with the utmost honesty. Hope you like reading them.

1. What is the latest book you’re reading and are you enjoying it?

I’m reading two books at a time. Yes, I do this all the time I pick two different books from the different genre and reads simultaneously. Who knows which mood I’ll be in when the reading bug strikes 😉

So, to answer your question, the books I’m reading are The Best of Ruskin Bond and Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.

2. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Other?

I started with Facebook and have recently started WordPress, Twitter, and Instagram.But WordPress takes all my sweet social media time.

3. What is your favorite word and why?

Ecstatic why? Cause I’m always ecstatic to use it. hehe

4. Dogs or Cats?

Dogs, dogs, and dogs all the way. Been a dog lover all my life, loved every bit of my moment of my childhood growing along with them. They are the best companion you can ever have. Don’t  believe me, go adopt one.

5. Is there any song that holds any special meaning to you?

Being originally from India, My special song is a song from one of the old Bollywood movie which literally means “Life is a constant struggle, we will win it together”. Movie: Meri Jung Song: “Jeet Jayenge Hum” and another one is ” Twist in sobriety” from Tanita Tikaram”.

6. What do you feel strongly about?

The first one dispenses the life lessons in a beautiful way and the second one tells how the pain changes you when you are in love. Hear them. They are beautiful songs in their own way.

7. If you could grant one person in your life one wish, what would it be?

To have the free will in life and the courage to live it through.

8. What is your favorite film?

Hmmm.  there are many in different genre and language. For the sake of keeping the common denominator of language, I would say ” Pulp fiction” by  Quentin Tarantino.

9. What is your favorite book?

Plato and Platypus walks into the bar by Thomas Cathcart. It is a way of understanding philosophy through jokes. read it. It cracks me up every time.

 10. Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?

Nope, I don’t believe in making resolutions as change is the only constant in life and you never know what life has in store for you the very next day.or the very moment. So I just stick to my little to do list every day and takes it from there.

Phew, So now that I have done my bit of answering them, now it’s your turn, my favorite people, to share some joy and smiles with many more.

Here is my list of nominee

You have to answer the same questions as me and pass on the nominations.

  1. Srijan
  2. SquiggledFeelings
  3. Musings from Melbourne
  4. Elusive Mummers

Happy blogging!