Symphony ( Micro poetry)



First published in Life in 10 minutes, October 2018 Learn and learn to love how the lonely hands discern themselves and looks for completeness loneliness, which is carved out of us discordant beings everything has a purpose even the rotting leaf becomes sustenance for tiny wiggling earthworm happiness recycles itself the golden rule of nature it becomes pure … Continue reading Acceptance


First Published in the Praxis Magazine That frail evening marking the shadows of the long summer days a bird perched on the barbed wires of the prison demarcating the happiness and the grief acceptance and rejection solitude and the wails of the laughter the prisoner and the free   the arresting height of that boisterous wall … Continue reading Demarcation

Power of Love (Micro poetry)

This micro poetry is in support of the LGBTQ community fighting for their equal rights in the Supreme Court on Oct 8, where the Trump Administration will be arguing whether or not a trans person can be fired from work based on their gender orientation. Supreme court has to stand on the right side of … Continue reading Power of Love (Micro poetry)