Daily prompt -Witty

This post is in response to the daily word Witty They say I'm witty My laughs can fill an empty space and my smiles can be a cure I can giggle my way through an uneasy path and crack people up in any way I start They say I'm witty can bring a smile to a … Continue reading Daily prompt -Witty

Little thought

Everyone is living in this rampant chaos called reality. We are swarmed by ideas and thoughts every living second.So, sometimes when we are asked just to focus on one thought, one lonely thought, in your mind.It gets very difficult. Sometimes I wonder, how will it feel to have just one thought in our mind. Have you ever wondered?

Daily Prompt-Coincidence

This post is in response to the Daily prompt challenge for the word Coincidence Born a thousand miles apart; breathing a  different world; unaware of your existence; a million lives apart. Yet seem to resonate to the same tune; heart swaying to the same rhythm; sharing thought with just a glance. There is so much different … Continue reading Daily Prompt-Coincidence

Daily prompt-Focused

This post is in response to the Daily post prompt challenge for the word Focused Staring at you, star struck by you I'm in complete awe of you I'm gathering all my thoughts trying to salvage them the fleeting emotions The mere mention of you The sheer presence of you rattles my mind and body … Continue reading Daily prompt-Focused

The season of fall

Here comes fall again! The season which brings so much of love and festivities along with it. That sudden chill in the air in the late evenings and beautiful fall leaves everywhere adds so many strokes of beauty to nature's palette. The essential and beautiful transition from summer to fall brings all the love along with it.

What is a poem ?

hat is a poem? I call them little bits of creativity scattered here and there in your mind. Hiding, waiting to be discovered, waiting to take shape in form of words. Every time you trace the path, it changes its shape.Taking new twists and turns gives an entirely new meaning to the emotions stored in there. A Poem as I call it, a complex emotion in a compressed manner.


Freedom - the art of being free. Everyone wants to be free, everyone wants to escape the mundane tasks of life. We are looking for that moment, that break in time, where we can relax and introspect.But it's not something life will offer you its something you have to steal from it.Don;t just waste your time in the endless grind, Do something different every day something small, something significant which is yours and only yours which will give you the feeling of the freedom you have been long lasting for.

How to be a child again?

Clear your heart of all the damning thoughts Wipe your mind of all the sad memories; Clean up your life all of the bad experience; Cleanse your soul with the purity of love; Undo all the bad deeds done all these years; Unlive the horrible experiences of life; Un-learn the sad truths of the world; … Continue reading How to be a child again?


Night time, the most pleasant and serene time of the day. When the chaos is slowly fleeing your mind and filling your soul with the calmness night brings with it.There is so much going around us which gets blocked out or we miss due to the constant buzzing around us during the day.Night brings out all the sonic beauty in the nature there is.Listen closely, it's telling you something!!


People say eyes are the mirror to your soul.You get the clarity of thoughts and emotions if you look deeply into someone's eyes. It stores all the hurt, pain, joy, ecstasy you have experienced all your life. But still, you spend your whole life surrounded by people around you who don't have any clue what going on inside you. Sometimes we wish for a such a mirror to exist which can reflect people true intentions and emotions and sometimes you just wanna hide.


Touching someone crosses and breaks the barrier the words form when we are talking to someone.The body language takes a whole new meaning when you feel the warmth of the person instead of just hearing him.Of all the five senses we humans have, I feel, Touch is the strongest sense of all. Nothing can meet the heightened feeling of sharing the same space or being in the same moment when instead of just seeing or hearing the thing.Instead, you can touch and feel its existence with your own hands.Love is that feeling which gives you the power to invisibly touch someone.