You push me to the edge and bring me back like a boomerang I keep coming back to you self-oscillating between  the realms of dreams and reality I keep looking for fragments hidden everywhere of you shreds of reality dig deep into my soul carving the image of my forlorn love maybe if you stretch my … Continue reading Boomerang



You left me puzzled confused and bedazzled by all the questions you had for me; I was left wondering in my deep heart how the memories of my sunken past was so significant to thee; Confused and irritated and believing in the love I confined it all; You seemed so agitated as you had no past … Continue reading Puzzled

Braid- In the honor of National Poetry Month #NaPoWriMo

Braiding my cryptic  tangled  knotted  words gently and smoothly in a clockwork motion never to step out of the sync like an assembly line worker making sure not to miss a plait or to let a single hair fall out of line and blotch the beauty I'm weaving so sublime it will come out to be breathtaking undefined a … Continue reading Braid- In the honor of National Poetry Month #NaPoWriMo