This is where it was beautiful This is where it hurts the most This is where I made the most pleasant memories That is where I regret the most This was there everything stopped This is where everything started to fester. This is where the night became the day There was where rolled another day … Continue reading Memories


Lost in translation

“The quiet sense of something lost”  ― Alfred Tennyson I'm lost in the translation  wandering between the pages of  a book hiding between the folds and sitting under a neatly folded dog-eared page waiting to be pulled I'm surrounded by the pages  of my life  and left behind in the stories untold that old shattered spine of that dusty book … Continue reading Lost in translation

Braid- In the honor of National Poetry Month #NaPoWriMo

Braiding my cryptic  tangled  knotted  words gently and smoothly in a clockwork motion never to step out of the sync like an assembly line worker making sure not to miss a plait or to let a single hair fall out of line and blotch the beauty I'm weaving so sublime it will come out to be breathtaking undefined a … Continue reading Braid- In the honor of National Poetry Month #NaPoWriMo