First published in Literary Heist, Fall edition This pain is toothless though it bites and numbs me from within; with a nibble here a there it leaves marks on me a pulverized pain; With the clickety clackety sound of the teeth clenched together and shut tightly I can feel everything going numb; This tepid life and the … Continue reading Recursive

Out of Sync

First published in Modern Literature, July 2018 “I am terrified by this dark thing That sleeps in me; All day I feel its soft, feathery turnings, its malignity.” ― Sylvia Plath, Ariel How the body moves shatters, into zillion specks of glass powered and brushed to its core but still every speck of it can pinch … Continue reading Out of Sync

Looking glass

I'm looking through a looking-glass The reality seems so bleak and the nightmares seem so true Pain, sadness, and anxiety  all have begun to bloom   I'm looking through the looking-glass My dreams and hopes are dwindling all the sunshine I was storing seems to be just ending   I'm looking through the looking-glass Worms of fear and … Continue reading Looking glass

Poetry feature in Indian Periodical -Apocalypse

My poem has been featured in the latest issue of the Indian periodical. Please read it here In search of a lifetime I crossed lots of moments Hopped over too many memories and ran through many fears In search of a soul mate got too many scars left withering in pain left with my bleeding … Continue reading Poetry feature in Indian Periodical -Apocalypse

Little does she know

Little does she know It will end before it will start; Little does she know It will leave cracks in her heart; Little does she know The traditions always die down slowly; Little does she know it's still a knot, even it is holy; Little does she know Wounds are always scraped more; Little does she know every … Continue reading Little does she know