o what do you dream at night? Do you dream about the unattainable or do you dream about goals in sight? Is it the thought of someone long-lost which keeps you up in the night or the cozy feeling of being in love with someone?. Everybody wants a peaceful transition to the world of dreams from the scary world of reality. Nobody wants a nightmare to wake them. We all dream, We all want.


Have you ever felt so connected to a person that the mere presence of him in a room will fill you with passion? Even though he is not near you, he can immerse you in his soulful presence. Your heart starts beating to his rhythm and your eyes are desperately waiting for the glance where you connect. The following post encompasses that feeling. Read the following post and let me know how you feel about it.

Stay beautiful

I wrote this one when one of the days I was feeling low. Everything around me was bringing me down and I just wanted to feel happy. I needed something to cheer me up and something to keep me going through all the pain I was feeling around me. So I wrote this as a way to keep the heart stronger amongst all the sadness in the world.