Poetry published in the Mark Literary Review -Edition 10 September,2019

So happy to see my two poems found a home in the Mark Literay Review. So thankful to the EIC Jessica for accepting my poems and suggesting necessary changes. Writing poetry is always a learning and a continuously evolving process especially for poets from a non- literary background. You can read my two poems "Sign" … Continue reading Poetry published in the Mark Literary Review -Edition 10 September,2019


Forbidden love

Megha's World

“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.”
–Pablo Neruda


How can I catch up on your shadows when

I stay still and you are always running

they keep erasing and burning the bridges

I have drawn in

there is so much distance between us

and the norms keeps

building the walls around us

tightening its grip on us

me and you

breathing in unison

living in our parallel worlds

there is some deep calmness in chasing the shadows

when the truth doesn’t exist in reality

when the relation is clearly defined

and you have to color between the lines


with the quill dipped in the age-old ink

of deep obsidian societal norms

and everything spilling outside the boundaries

is total abomination

Oh! that scarlet thought should

never cross my sinned lips

oh! I should never urge your name

on my cursed lips

women have been…

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Crisis resources for suicide prevention

Read this Informative post detailing the resources for Suicide prevention in various countries. Do spread the word. You might end up helping a soul in desperate need.

Mental Health @ Home

cartoon face shushing surrounded by the word suicide

Sadly, we hear all too often of people who have lost their lives to suicide.  Many among us in the mental health blogging community have either attempted suicide or had thoughts of doing so.  There are resources available to support us; it’s just a matter of knowing what they are and being willing to reach out (I must admit that’s something I’ve been reluctant to do in the past, and I’ll talk more about this in tomorrow’s post).  Here are some of the many resources that are out there.



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