Chapbook published by the Local Gem Press, Long Island, New York

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It is with great excitement and happiness I would like to share this news with my readers that my first micro chapbook is published by the New York Based Local Gem Press. I’m really thankful to the EIC James P Wagner for supporting my work.

The Chapbook ” A Potpourri of Emotions” came out as a response for the 15 Day Poetry Chapbook Challenge by the Local Gem Press. Each poem of the chapbook has been written in response for the prompt given on daily basis.The chapbook explores various forms of poetry(Rhyme, Epilostory, Haiku, Sonnet,Fib poems,Grid poems etc)  and can be used as a reference to learn various forms.

Currently, I have 25 printed copies of the chapbook, if you are interested in purchasing them, please contact me using the “Contact” page on the Website.

You can also buy the paperback ($5) here at Amazon.

James P. Wagner (Ishwa) is the founder and publisher for Local Gems Poetry Press. He is a poet from Long Island and sits on 3 local poetry non-profit boards. He has edited several anthologies and believes in poetry’s power to make a difference. He is Founder of the Bards Initiative, Publisher for Local Gems Poetry Press, editor of the Perspectives series, and performance poet.Currently he is also being named as the Beat Poet Laureate of the United States.

About Local Gem Press:

Local Gems Press is dedicated to providing quality verse written by poets from all walks of life as well as other entertaining, inspirational, and educational writings. We believe in the power of the written word and feel that writing can be used to change the world for the better. 
They are a small press based on Long Island, New York, and have published poets from over 10 countries and over 30 different states. And their audience is ever-growing!

Thanks so much for supporting and encouraging my work always!!!

Happy Blogging!!
Megha Sood

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