This is where it was beautiful This is where it hurts the most This is where I made the most pleasant memories That is where I regret the most This was there everything stopped This is where everything started to fester. This is where the night became the day There was where rolled another day … Continue reading Memories



First published in The Quiet Letter, July 2018 “Mankind's lessons are written in the ruins of his civilization.” ― Anthony T. Hincks Days rolled into nights and seasons turned into years Air turned heavy with memories from the yesteryear And the warm breeze doesn't soothe me the ground has been cracked parched, sullen for years, it … Continue reading Ruins


First featured in the Little Rose Magazine, July 2018 The old cuckoo has been strangled rolling in dust for its coarse and harsh cries are bringing back the memories too hard to bear too painful to hear The cobwebs in the old piano have marked the crotchet of my memories with the missing touch of my lover's … Continue reading Remembrance

Poetry feature in Little Rose Magazine-Remembrance

Dear friends, One of my poems got published in the July edition of Little Rose Magazine. Little Rose is a Utah-based online magazine of literature and art, aiming to confront issues of identity, such as gender, race, class, religion, intersectionality, internet identity, and culture. Please read my poem Remembrance and leave your precious feedback in … Continue reading Poetry feature in Little Rose Magazine-Remembrance


A large black cumulus shape around me floating endlessly conjured by my purple thoughts and in my hallowed mind its beginning to swell up and pour on my raisin skin and filling up every pour every nook and corner of my being a mushroom hovering simmering with the acidic thought burning through this cold ice blurring with tales of … Continue reading Recollection