Assistant Poetry Editor at Mookychick

I'm so thrilled and excited to share this news about my acceptance in the editorial team of UK based Literary journal MookyChick. I'm so thankful to the EIC Magda Knight and the entire team for accepting me. Mookychick is a passion project done for love, not the money. And that passion has kept them strong … Continue reading Assistant Poetry Editor at Mookychick

My beautiful night

The dark engulfs your sorrows and pains and paint a different shade of happiness A different shade of grey The night paint kohl in your eyes underline the magic in your gaze; it casts the spell of  your tantalizing looks turning my wishes ablaze Takes me, the stranger into the whirlwind of your desire; spins me … Continue reading My beautiful night

Poetry published in the “Screaming from the Silence” maiden anthology by Vociferous Press

Today is the day and I'm so proud and equally honored to be part of this anthology which not only features the survivors of domestic violence by featuring the works anonymously but also raises the charities for the same. Curated by Juliette Sebock of Vociferous Press. The anthology features the poetry, prose and visual arts … Continue reading Poetry published in the “Screaming from the Silence” maiden anthology by Vociferous Press

Where is the home you are looking for?

Being a part of a relationship should not be like facing an obstacle course. Yes, it should present you with challenges and give you the experience of dealing and growing but the whole timeline of being in a relationship should not present itself as a confrontation. A constant challenge. It should help you grow as … Continue reading Where is the home you are looking for?

Your Disapproved Skin – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

How can we ever celebrate a day which marks as evasion and brutal violation of human rights?
Very fitting and moving poetry from Paul Cannon.


Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples need to know there is an image that displays deceased people.

“Australia Day” January 26 marks the anniversary of the arrival of the first fleet at Port Jackson in 1788. For most indigenous people this is known as invasion day. Their treatment to this day has been brutal and in the least one of denial and rejection. It is a hard history to read and on the part of the colonial architects, even to this day, a very shameful history. I am one of many Australians who would rather move the celebration to a new date in conjunction with a dialogue with indigenous peoples as to how to achieve that. But then I believe that nationalism and patriotism are poisonous, as history and our nightly news shows, so maybe no day is needed.


Photo: Australian National University: Aboriginal men in chains in the…

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Three poems published in Cavalcade of stars-“Pond – a reflection”, “Sun and its duality”, “Joy”.

Celebrating one year of being part of Cavalcade of Stars.

Megha's World

So delighted to see three of my poems published in Cavalcade of Stars.Really grateful to the editor in chief Jeanette Cheezum for giving me the opportunity. Cavalcade gives the writer a chance to showcase their poetry, short stories, flash, and nonfiction.

Jeanette 2016 has got an Honorable Mention for Poetry at the Hampton Roads Conference,  2014 Pushcart Prize nominee at Vox Poetica. Awarded The Helium Network’s Premium Writer’s Badge and a Marketplace Writers award. Nominated for best of the net in the category, Noir.

Please read my poem Joy here. The other two will be published soon.

Do share your precious comments on the website.

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood

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Poem published in the Wolff Literary Press- “Elements”

Megha's World

First Published in the Writer’s Cafe Magazine

So thankful to the editor Linda Wolff to publish my poem “Elements” in her beautiful micro press journal.

Please read my poem hereand share your beautiful thought in the comments section.

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood

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I'm breathing you in and exhaling out taking puffs of you and making clouds. I'm drunk on you intoxicated by your love with wine-stained lips I'm calling out your name Can't get more of you seeping you into my soul churning my love out. I'm high on you Am feeling dizzy dreaming of us together swirling around wrapped in … Continue reading High


As she opens the door with the anticipation eyes frantically looking  and gazing into the emptiness looking for that loved face she always adored a chill went down her spine and fearing the worst seeing the two soldiers with a crestfallen look on their dejected faces at her door she banged closed the door trying the erase that … Continue reading Conveyer


Megha's World


It was a candid confession
when she told her mom
how it happened
and how did it start
How first it was
all game and play
and now it has turn into
a painful, hurtful thing
which is ripping
her soul apart.

How that voice
which evokes the
element of joy and surprise
now fills
her with fear
how she flinches and
runs to next door
or hides under the stair
whichever is near

How she has torn apart
all the pictures in
her family album
and have started
drawing the
scary things
all of a sudden.

How no matters
how much she listens
to the lullaby
it doesn’t calm
the devil within
they always have
a place to hide
a corner to sneak in.

It was indeed a candid
an honest one;
but everything
tuned into dust
and broke her heart
when she heard her mom saying
“I know, you are lying from the start”.

This post is in response to…

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Response to Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge at GoDogGO cafe

Here is my response to the writing prompt challenge at the Tuesday GoDogGo cafe So countless are the moments when a heart starts to sway; your caress whispers and the laughs a bright light in my dark days; such is the magic of love which can break the ice can bring warmth in the coldest … Continue reading Response to Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge at GoDogGO cafe


Megha's World

I’m looking for a loophole
to get into your 
broken and closed heart
just looking for the ways 
how to get a jump-start
A smile, a look
or a full-on embrace
which trick might work 
which might solve the case
With that forlorn look
in your eyes
and your gait
of a lost wolf
seems to me like
somebody gave you
more than they took
Your eyes filled with
that deep sadness
evokes the darkness 
hidden in the 
shapeless clouds 
hiding the thunder
To live an empty life
seems to me a wonder
There should be way to
get across all that pain
there is a reason 
you looked back again.
This post is in responce to the daily promptLoophole

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Promote Yourself Monday, January 20, 2020

Do share your best with the warm and welcoming community of GODogGo cafe readers.

Go Dog Go Café

Promote yourself Mon

Welcome to Promote Yourself Monday.  All Go Dog Go Cafe community members are invited to post one link to one specific piece of their writing (600 words or less please!) they have published on their blog, Facebook page, or Instagram feed into the comments section below.

If you post a link, be sure to read some of the other great writing people have linked to.

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Poetry published on Blognostics – “Orphan”

Megha's World

Delighted to know that three of my dearest poems found their home in the warm space of the Blognostice Poetry Journal. Really thankful to the editor Jessica Grant for giving me the opportunity and supporting my work.

Blognostics is an independent literary organization committed to poetry, creative writing, and art. They are dedicated to bringing you unique possibilities through interactive publishing and new dimensions of writing and art.

Please read my poem Orphan here. Rest will be published soon.

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood

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First Published in the Vita Brevis Literature As I trample the earth under my feet casually walking in the misty garden soaked and drenched in the smell of the recent rains that smell of petrichor unearths, unburies the consciousness of the earth the memories come rolling by of that warm summer evening air is heavy … Continue reading Buried

Poetry published in the Pain and Renewal anthology by Vita Brevis Press

I'm beyond thrilled to share this news of my poem being published in the maiden anthology of Vita Brevis Press curated by EIC Brian Geiger. Tne antholgy since the day of its launch has been trending at #1 in the New Poetry Anthologies on Amazon. Pain & Renewal features a collection of incredible voices — from … Continue reading Poetry published in the Pain and Renewal anthology by Vita Brevis Press

Poetry published in the Headline Poetry Press

Pumped up to see my poem "resistance" donning the pages of the Headline Poetry Press. Poems are written as a response to the RoeVsWade case currently being challenged by the congressman. Roe v Wade -elated includes the patriarchy, toxic masculinity, an ode to RBG, reproductive freedom, the suffrage movement, and other aligning topics.  The current … Continue reading Poetry published in the Headline Poetry Press