First Published in Literary Yard, August 2018 I'm an aberration, An anomaly, A certain twist in the tale How do you feel when you masks peel off in layers? and every time you shred your pain and misery You see more layers forming underneath Like the layers of the onion Like the countess scab you … Continue reading Aberration



Megha's World

First Published in Vita Brevis Literature, July 2018


Your memories leave an impression on my soul
like the careless fingers leave on the warm wax
when held gently
that indelible print
like the scars the alabaster moon has
on a dimly moonlit night
Like the endless trails of a worm wriggling and dancing
leaving trails on the bubbling mud
after the monsoon rains
Getting drenched or
maybe mourning the loss of the house
Offered to the rains
/who could tell/
Time stands still and I can count your freckles in the moonlight
When the moon rest as a shadow in the serrated leaves
and my loves rests on the tip of your mole.
resting on the edge of your fleeting smile.
your memories leave an impression on me
like the outline of the drenched bodies
drying on the bench
two souls as one.

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Contributing Editor at Ariel Chart and Call out for submissions

Hurry!! the deadline for Submission is December 31,2018.
Send your 3-5 poems/short fiction pieces along with a short bio in the third person to @arielchartcontribeditor@gmail.com.
Detailed guidelines in the post below.

Megha's World


It gives me immense pleasure and happiness to share with you that I have been accepted as a Contributing Editor at the Ariel Chart. I’m really thankful to the editor in Chief and founder of the Ariel Chart, Mark Antony Rossi to have given me this wonderful opportunity.

Ariel Chart is a signatory of P&W. (Poets and Writers) Published works are credited in their renown Directory of Writers. ARIEL CHART is dedicated to brevity. Its a monthly journal which publishes poetry and fiction.

Submissions are open for the month of December. We are looking for submission for Poetry and Short Fiction.

If you are interested in submitting something in poetry then please follow the submission guidelines here. The deadline for sending the submissions is December 31, 2018, for January 2019 Issue.

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood

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