Poetry published in the Pendemic Journal, Ireland.

I'm happy to see my poem "Angels in Blue" which I wrote as an ode of the health workers working in the front line fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic. I really appreciate the efforts of editing team comprising of Joy Redmond, Liz Quirke, Niall McArdle, and Ruth McKee of the Pendemic  Journal for supporting my work. … Continue reading Poetry published in the Pendemic Journal, Ireland.


A talisman, trinket a precious thing I hold too close to my heart too scared to lose it a pain too hard to bear a minute of separation  will bring me centuries of pain my welt soul and suppurating life will never heal again clutching you too tight as if the only bearer of light … Continue reading Talisman

Published- Megha Sood

My List of publications for the month of March 2020 as featured on GoDogGo Cafe.

Go Dog Go Café

Hello Everyone!

Please join me in congratulating Megha Sood on another fabulous month of published work. Megha is kind enough to share this list with us as they are a wonderful resource should you decide you want to submit your own work.


Have a safe and healthy month- Linda Lee Lyberg

Following is a list of Megha’s print publications/news for the month of March 2020.

1. Fae Corps Publishinghttps://meghasworldsite.wordpress.com/2020/03/29/featured-on-author-spotlight-series-on-the-fae-corps-publishing/

2.The League of Poets Anthologyhttps://meghasworldsite.wordpress.com/2020/02/20/poetry-selected-for-the-worlds-biggest-poetry-anthology-sounds-of-peace-by-league-of-poets-sopwbaocp/

3. Free Verse Revolutionhttps://meghasworldsite.wordpress.com/2020/04/01/poetry-published-in-the-free-verse-revolution/

4. Jersey City Genre Nightshttps://meghasworldsite.wordpress.com/2020/03/07/poetry-reading-at-the-jersey-city-genre-reading-night-night-of-hidden-life/

5. Spillwordshttps://spillwords.com/seasons-by-megha-sood/

6. Visual Versehttps://meghasworldsite.wordpress.com/2020/03/16/poetry-published-in-visual-verse-vol7-chapter-5/

7. Headline Poetry Presshttps://meghasworldsite.wordpress.com/2020/03/25/poetry-published-in-the-headline-poetry-press-poetsofthepandemicunite/

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“Even the most beautiful of the stars are taken for granted night after night.” ― Veronika Jensen My heart is  broken, smashed, squelched countless times broken, shattered, splintered  in million pieces it has suffered enough no amount of assurance  and a lesson in life  can keep it  from  shredding, tearing, breaking How do you survive? you ask, … Continue reading Putty

Poetry published in the Pangolin Poetry: COVID 19 Issue

So happy to see my poem made to the Special Coronavirus Issue compiled by the team of Pangolin Poetry Review. They have assembled 54 different voices on the topic, and to lay emphasis on poetry on the pandemic only, The Pangolin Review members have not used headshots and kept biographies very short. Here is the … Continue reading Poetry published in the Pangolin Poetry: COVID 19 Issue

Poetry published in Poetic Diversity-“Deception”

Megha's World

So thankful to the editor Marie Lecrivain of LA-based poetry ezine PoeticDiversity to publish my poem “Deception” in the April edition. Marie has been generous and kind enough to give me second chance in submitting my poetry and have been so gracious to guide me through the process. Really appreciate her input.

You can read my poem here.

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood

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