Poetry published in the Poetry Quarterly Winter 2018 – a print magazine by Prolific Press

I'm beyond excited to see my words in print again in one of the esteemed poetry journal printed by the Prolific Press --Poetry Quarterly. Prolific Press publishes 8 respected literary journals. Each journal publishes different literature, and each has a different flair. Poetry Quarterly’s mission is to support poets and poetry by maintaining a professional … Continue reading Poetry published in the Poetry Quarterly Winter 2018 – a print magazine by Prolific Press

‘Que sera, sera’

Megha's World

“What would come, would come…and you would have to meet it, when it did.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I would have moved mountains for you
I would have plucked all the stars
to line up
on the freckles on your face
I would have scooped all the honey
from the bees to
sweeten your soul
a little more
I would have stopped the wind
braved the storms
so they stop
messing around with your curls
I would have pushed away the sun
giving you
the gentle soothing shade
your body wanted
I would have pushed and shoved all the
clouds in the sky to
so you can feel the sun
on your face
the way you want it
Darling, I would have
waited for eons
in this mortal soul
for you
I would have beseeched you
to love me till the eternity
but the truth was…

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Poetry feature in Indian Periodical-Dance

Megha's World

Please read my latest poem featured in the latest issue of the Indian periodical.

Read it here Dance. This poem is about the beautiful dance a hummingbird weaves with her wings to get the taste of the elixir hidden in the flowers, which is so necessary for her sustenance. Do leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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These walls are closing in crushing, breaking, crumbling my dreams into small debris and shards piercing my soul As you step on them and crush them into million pieces never to be salvaged again My squelched heart, suffocated dreams, are now dragged along with yours giving comfort to your broken soles I now understand I … Continue reading Crushed