Help! My Kid is Not Good at Anything.

Reblogging this…cause being a mom every word of this post resonates with me. Thanks a zillion for writing this.

Your friend rushes to your table and apologizes for being late to your monthly lunch date. “I’m so sorry.” She says. “I just got back from Max’s private cello lesson. He’s headed to Nationals next week.”

Oh, wow. I didn’t even know he played cello.” You reply. “Isn’t soccer more his thing?”

Your friend nods and laughs in response to your question.

Yeah, that’s his thing too. And football. Well, and I guess robotics.” Then she pauses to reflect.

I guess it’s kind of funny to say aloud, but it’s almost like whatever he tries, he excels in. Sort of like, everything is kind of his thing.” Then she goes about ordering her drink.

You slide back in your chair with a smile on your face, but you can’t help but wonder how one kid can be so, so talented. Then…

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Oh! Now I see an elephant moving his trunk gallantly around; Walking in his own stride Rumbling and thumping the ground.   Now I see the caravan of ducks floating away in that wide blue river; and seagulls flying and mocking them away.   You look so delicious candy floss like and it makes my … Continue reading Fluff

Silence- A beautiful conversation

Silences between the conversation the most beautiful feeling The pause where the world stops but the feeling flows eternally   Silence of the heart The rhythm to which the heart beats  untuned with the chaos of the world paired only with him   Raindrops are mute too but touches you whole  as they make a … Continue reading Silence- A beautiful conversation

The season of fall

Today the prompt is Orange.It instantly reminded me of the orange color scattered in nature by the fall leaves.

Megha's World

Here comes fall again! The season which brings so much of love and festivities along with it. That sudden chill in the air in the late evenings and beautiful fall leaves everywhere adds so many strokes of beauty to the nature’s palette.

The essential and beautiful transition from summer to fall brings all the love along with it.

alisa-anton-166247 (1).jpgWarmth of a hug
Closeness under a blanket
Fingers warming to a cup of coffee
Calmness of listening to him endlessly
Falling leaves of the fall
Brings back all the warmth
Intertwining of fingers
Till the palms start sweating

Sharing the plugs
Swaying to the same rhythm
Heart singing the same beat
Twinkle in your eyes
Fleeting smile on your face
spoken words
And unspoken vows
Tis the season
Each falling leaf is a bookmark
In the book of memories
This is the season
The season of fall….

Photo by Alisa Anton

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Who is an artist?

“An artist should create beautiful things, but should put nothing of his own life into them.” ― Oscar Wilde He is an imposter, a fake. Who hides his true identity but reflects the feelings and emotions of the person he is portraying in the purest form. Someone who takes the form of a person, thoughts, … Continue reading Who is an artist?