Poetry Published in The Jessie Butler Woman’s Poetry Contest Anthology by Sierra Muses Press, California, USA

  I'm thrilled to receive my contributor copy of the Jessie Butler Woman's Contest Anthology 2020 "She Speaks Up".I'm really thankful to the EIC Mila Johansen for curating this anthology. I'm honored to have my poem "My Path to Freedom" featured in this book. This is an anthology of poems submitted by women, from around … Continue reading Poetry Published in The Jessie Butler Woman’s Poetry Contest Anthology by Sierra Muses Press, California, USA

My Soul

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ― Rumi My soul is a river come dip your toes in it it will soak up your worries and anxiety  will soothe your pain and infuse you with the nectar of love and warmth that cozy feeling which is … Continue reading My Soul

Journey-A Question

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.” ― Heraclitus A grandeur of illusion a miracle of sorts trailblazing your dreams and circling and creating that swirls in your eyes For that experience so surreal and so ecstatic at the same time. Where the life intersects the illusions between the dreams and reality Where … Continue reading Journey-A Question


As she opens the door with the anticipation eyes frantically looking  and gazing into the emptiness looking for that loved face she always adored a chill went down her spine and fearing the worst seeing the two soldiers with a crestfallen look on their dejected faces at her door she banged closed the door trying the erase that … Continue reading Conveyer


How many times have you been mistaken for someone else in a crowd or when you are missing someone so dearly that you are constantly looking for bits of him in other people.I guess " The out of sight, out of mind" analogy doesn't work for the people who are longing for their lost ones.Love always leaves a deep impression on your soul, which is hard to forget. Love reflects in mysterious ways.

Global Peace Poem by Kent State University, USA

Today I would like to share with my readers a beautiful and moving effort by Kent University to create a Global Peace Poem by asking the writers or anyone to donate a stanza/line based on the prompts. This global community poem is in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Kent State University’s May 4 shootings. … Continue reading Global Peace Poem by Kent State University, USA

Rise- TBP in the Al Khemia Poetica

First Published in Al Khemia Poetica as part of Women's History Month Rise, rise above the opinionated heads on the stooping shoulder of the demised desires on your sturdy legs or on the stilts but rise and become the voice of the unspoken the war cry of the mute the hoarse whispers of the fallen … Continue reading Rise- TBP in the Al Khemia Poetica

Silence- A beautiful conversation

This poem is in continuation of the micro poetry of the same name.Read it here Silences between the conversation the most beautiful feeling The pause where the world stops but the feeling flows eternally Silence of the heart The rhythm to which the heart beats  untuned with the chaos of the world paired only with … Continue reading Silence- A beautiful conversation

Between- a love poem

Between the spaces of my heartbeats I have knitted you a home Come sit and feel cozy nestled deep in the  embrace of my  soul oozing with the overflowing love that elixir gushing out of  every single pore of my self dripping from the fingertips Come, get washed up in the fountain of sweet milk and honey … Continue reading Between- a love poem


“how sad and bad and mad it was - but then, how it was sweet” ― Robert Browning Hidden between the pages of my favorite book or lying as crushed petals between those folds scenting and filling up my senses will all the nostalgia all the days and nights there have been and many more Sleeping quietly as … Continue reading Nostalgia

Poetry published in the Poetry Quarterly Winter 2018 – a print magazine by Prolific Press

I'm beyond excited to see my words in print again in one of the esteemed poetry journal printed by the Prolific Press --Poetry Quarterly. Prolific Press publishes 8 respected literary journals. Each journal publishes different literature, and each has a different flair. Poetry Quarterly’s mission is to support poets and poetry by maintaining a professional … Continue reading Poetry published in the Poetry Quarterly Winter 2018 – a print magazine by Prolific Press

Warrior- To celebrate the Women History Month

One day I'll be ready for you bathed in the moonlight fragrant by lilies sweetened by the nectar hidden by the bees I'll ready for you I will wash all my scars and sin and scrape all the marks of the sin, I'm bearing will scrub all the pain angst anger and the regret I'm … Continue reading Warrior- To celebrate the Women History Month