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sebastian-unrau-48222.jpgOne day I’ll be ready for you
bathed in the moonlight
fragrant by lilies
sweetened by the nectar
hidden by the bees
I’ll ready for you

I will wash all my scars and sin
and scrape all the marks
of the sin, I’m bearing
will scrub all the pain
angst anger and the regret
I’m hiding beneath

One day I will be
brighter than the moonlight
so supple and so delicate
will be my skin
the mere thought of your
lustful desires
will leave the wrinkles

My tongue will forget
all the sinful verses
and the thought of a sullen mouth
will be an idea
long forgotten

But, Hey! my love
before that day
comes on the horizon
and breaks the illusion

I’ll stand here
naked to the moment
wearing all my scars
as my victory marks
adorned with all my
hurtful memories
bedazzled in the
unforgetful sun

I’ll cry a…

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The Summer Day, by Mary Oliver | Classic Poems Presented By Go Dog Go Cafe Baristas

Classic poems shared by the baristas of GoDogGo cafe.

Go Dog Go Café

A classic poem by Mary Oliver, “The Summer Day”, presented by Donna.

Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver is by far my favorite poet and essayist. The way she pays attention, how nature left her amazed, how she continued to be aware and amazed by the everyday…I can only hope to live up to her example. I consider her a mentor of sorts and her instructions are penned on the opening pages of all my writing notebooks:

Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention
Be astonished
Tell about it

Enjoy 💙

The Summer Day by Mary OliverThe Summer Day
Who made the world?
Who made the swan, and the black bear?
Who made the grasshopper?
This grasshopper, I mean-
the one who has flung herself out of the grass,
the one who is eating sugar out of my hand,
who is moving her jaws back and forth instead of up and down-
who is gazing around with her enormous…

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Birthed By Silence – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

This beautiful profound words from my talented friend Paul will stir you in more ways than one.


dVerse Poets – Poetics – Now I Can See

Mish at dVerse has invited us to consider – what do you see? in relation to the world and our experience as we find it right now.


Photo: canberratimes.com – supermarket shelves after panic buying. It seems to me that corvid-19 is a killer, but it not only kills the body, it kills our very soul.

“Be confidently assured that any gods we build will always have voracious appetites, and sooner or later they will gorge themselves on that which built them.”  Craig D. Lounsbrough

Birthed By Silence

A darkness creased the brow of Eden,
and pathos sang dirges as
questions came begging,
had we cast the god of this age
on that rude altar of fantasy?
A natal faith so naive
its store the rhetoric of largess.
What shall I call it?
What can I call it?
A sacrifice…

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Poetry published in the Al Khemia Poetica as part of the National Women’s History Month- “Rise”

One year anniversary for the publication I am really proud to be part of.

Megha's World

So proud to be featured amongst the 31 poets on the Los Angeles-based Al khemia Poetica as an ode to the National Women History March Month. So thankful to the Marie C Lecrivain for featuring my poem “Rise“. Marie dedicated her poetry blog to feature the works of the 31 women poets/writers to honor the National Women’s History Month.

Do read my poem  Rise

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood

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Poetry published in the Headline Poetry Press – PoetsofthePandemicUnite

I'm happy to see my poem "Looking outside" being part of the #PoetsofthePandemicUnite started by the Headline Poetry Press. PoetsofthePandemicUnite is a literary initiative started by the EIC Hokis of the Headline Poetry Press to curate the poems affecting us during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The artwork for this has been done by the talented Stuart … Continue reading Poetry published in the Headline Poetry Press – PoetsofthePandemicUnite

Response to the Tuesday Writing response at GoDogGo Cafe

The prompts are designed to be quick challenges that can be written in 10 to 15 minutes,  inspire you creatively, are fun, and get everyone interacting.  Please post your response to the prompt in the comments below and show your fellow posters some love and support.  All members of the Go Dog Go community, including Baristas, … Continue reading Response to the Tuesday Writing response at GoDogGo Cafe

An Old Story by Tracy Smith, Classic Poems Presented By Go Dog Go Cafe’s, Barista’s

Go Dog Go Café


I was drawn towards this brilliant poem “An Old Story” by Poetry laureate Tracy Smith from her collection “Wade in Water” when I received the poster for the National Poetry Month 2019. The words in the poem bring so much hope and light so relevant to the desperate times that we all are in.

An Old Story

We were made to understand it would be

Terrible. Every small want, every niggling urge,

Every hate swollen to a kind of epic wind.

Livid, the land, and ravaged, like a rageful

Dream. The worst in us having taken over

And broken the rest utterly down.

A long age

Passed. When at last we knew how little

Would survive us—how little we had mended

Or built that was not now lost—something

Large and old awoke. And then our singing

Brought on a different manner of weather.

Then animals long believed gone crept down

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This poem is in continuation of the micro poetry of the same name. Read Origin here. That sweet essence  those aromatic hues encapsulating  me and my soul where my desires douse and  are reborn  as they are  baptized in your love stripped of all my sins as my faults and scars are  slowly and surely erased  and  … Continue reading Origin

Birth of a poem

Today is World Poetry Day 2020 and I would like to share this.
Love and light to everyone.

Megha's World

This is the fourth and the final poem in the anthology of poems called Lifecycle of a poem.

My taloned hands
my bony 
fingers are itching 
to dip themselves in the 
ink and 
a visceral picture of 
pain and 
beauty and
all that there is;
Chaotic thoughts
in my resplendent mind
is looking for a vent 
a small window,
rushing and pushing them
to get that whiff of air
A word, drop 
dripping here and there 
marks and maps the trail
for my salvation
for my ashen heart
and an
opulent window
for my dreams and desires
A fistful of angst and sadness
poured and rubbed over the pages
molds and shape my
unspoken desires
born naked on the 
nape of my neck
giving voice to the
unborn voices 
in a million tongues.
You can lick, suck and 
soak yourself
in the exuberance of the 
I’m carrying within
Before I write and…

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Indie Blu(e) Titles on Kindle

Go Dog Go Café

Find yourself with unexpected time for reading?
In the mood to read some amazing poetry and prose today?

The Indie Blu(e) Publishing Catalog is available for Kindle and most of our titles are also available through Kindle Unlimited.

Let Indie Blu(e) Publishing help ease your quarantine blues.

received_679400886225969Heavy Mental / Kindra M. Austin

Featured Image -- 1367SMITTEN This Is What Love Looks Like / Candice L. Daquin, editor

Front cover Composition of a womanComposition of a Woman / Christine E. Ray

received_435802797148639All the Beginnings of Everything / Kindra M. Austin

front cover PNGConversations with my Higher Self / Rachel Finch

Front Cover Melody Lee - Season Of The Sorceress - CS KDPSeason of the Sorceress /  Melody Lee

Arclight Front Cover 2-3-2019Arclight / John Biscello

High Quality image MitchThe Myths of Girlhood / Christine E. Ray

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Recycled happiness- Throwback Friday-Megha Sood

Go Dog Go Café


Oh! there comes our salary
our paycheck
the key to all our happiness
the things we wish for
luxuries we longed for
the glittery dreams
are going to come true
any moment now
you will see.

My lover will shower all her love
kids and spouse
will now understand
my long-lost worth
I’ll back as the man of the
now, you’ll see
those shiny teeth and
those  phony smiles
will last long
till the last dime
last on me.

We will be the epitome,
the perfect picture of the
happiness and love
and all that happily ever after
for everyone to see

Till the elixir dries up slowly
and new toys
start to lose their sheen
the clothes in the
overstuffed wardrobe
doesn’t beat up to
with the neighbors’ next doors
in their list of
top trendy

Till somebody finds
a more exotic location
to spend
their vacation
beating us to the one
we wanted to be
Let’s all…

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Poetry published in Marias at Sampaguitas – ” The sky is like me” and “I lose my self to the ocean”

One year anniversary for this.

Megha's World

So excited to see my two poems published in the Philippines bases Poetry journal Marias at Sampaguitas. So thankful to the editor in chief Keana Marie Águila Labra-Asunción for publishing and supporting my work. I’m thrilled to be published alongside Wanda Deglane, Kristian Garth, the writers I totally adore.

The title of the magazine is in the dialect, Tagalog, of the Philippines, translating to “Marias and Sampaguitas,” ‘Maria’ being the christened name for a Filipina, a Filipino woman, and ‘Sampaguita’ being the national flower of the Philippines.

You can read my poems here.

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood

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Response to the Tuesday prompt at GoDogGo Cafe

Today’s prompt: Write a piece of prose around the question: “How do we stay focused when the world around us is falling apart?” Art is cathartic. Art heals and fills all our crevices brimming with loneliness and despair with hope and creativity. Art is not only our companion when the streets are brimming with giggles … Continue reading Response to the Tuesday prompt at GoDogGo Cafe


Perched at the top but still looking down with those eyes seeking love and solace gazing from emptiness to nothing I'm the single soul left in this metropolis where I can see every one but everyone is blind to see me   Those crimson tinge skies carrying the smell of the dusk laced with the dancing specks of … Continue reading Perched