I call this the necessary transformation the inevitable change the unavoidable incident when I lay my heart bare and you ripped it to shreds I gathered the pieces weaved a chrysalis out of it and stayed inside till I came out as a butterfly from the battered caterpillar you left me to be --Megha Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash … Continue reading Metamorphosis



A colorful explosion, a kaleidoscopic implosion, a vibrance shattered amongst the ends of the horizon  and scattered across the galaxy with its tinge appearing  in every shade of the sunrise and sunset painting the crimson laced sky in the wee hours of the day the burst of the colors those glittering and spellbinding sending the vibration  throughout … Continue reading Indentation

Live to the fullest

“One clear moment, one of trance  One missed step, one perfect dance  One missed shot, one and only chance  Life is all...but one fleeting glance.”  ― Sanober Khan Oh there it goes fleetingly, swimmingly, gently, just another moment traveling on that speck dust on that sliver of light which you hardly noticed with our heads down and … Continue reading Live to the fullest