This is where it was beautiful This is where it hurts the most This is where I made the most pleasant memories That is where I regret the most This was there everything stopped This is where everything started to fester. This is where the night became the day There was where rolled another day … Continue reading Memories



This city is crazy  this city is brimming  there is always something rotting burning people walk with crinkled noses and with scurried steps with the voice of the screaming heart those spires of the skyscrapers piercing and pinching  the heart of the sky which bleeds on the people who bet their life on the beauty of the alabaster moon … Continue reading Stench

Quest – A reflection in woods

In that thickness  of the deep mesh of woods where the heart feels the light is denied  and it falls prey  to the devouring reality   Those twisted twigs  and tangled thoughts And people living with broken truth my doppelgänger tries to find its true identity   Those little saplings  of dreams and wishes cursed … Continue reading Quest – A reflection in woods

The Map

“A ship that sails without a compass will get lost at sea.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo   The cluttered thoughts  in my tangled mind begging for the sunshine to  make their way through the cobwebs of uncertainty and slippery steps of the doubts I precariously chose my way out of here through the dark alleys of … Continue reading The Map

Feeble attempt

First published in Visual Verse Vol 5 Chapter 10 Your mind, a congruence of aberrant thoughts a serendipitous convergence, you try so fervently to carve your own niche your own identity in this cesspool of clones floating for eons from here to nothing Your face, a stark reflection of the blatant reality where everyone is … Continue reading Feeble attempt

Centre Stage

We are at the center stage hounded and cheered by the million hungry eyes ready and pumped to get a piece of the entertainment of their life to get that taste of the bloodied reality and voyeuristic truth we have been gulping down our throats through all this life We are at the center stage burned and … Continue reading Centre Stage