Have you taken the risk yet?

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You pour out your emotionsYou put your heart outin the hands of a new soulyou become vulnerable every minuteevery second you float

You have spoken from the deep corners of your heartyou are completely nakedIn front of a strangerstripped off your liesyou can't fake it even for a minute

His voice gives you voicehis heart gives you rhythmyour life glows on his brightnessIgnoring the naysayer's wisdom

Wearing your heart on your sleeveliving life in a heartbeatbraving the feelings to this cruel worldYou tap to the beat

You traded a heart for a heartSealed the deal with a kiss

Not knowing how long this will last

Now be ready to live with the risk

Photo by Zoriana Stakhniv on Unsplash

This post is in response to the daily prompt Risky

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Mental Health Awareness Post (Regular Feature #1)

I applaud the efforts of my fellow blogger friend Varnika, who crafted a series to spread the awareness on Mental Disorders, and the social stigma around them. Do give it a read and spread the word.

Moonlighting Scrivener

Hello, everyone!
We can change the world, one word at a time. On this note, today, I’m going to do my bit by spreading awareness about mental health issues. I may not be qualified enough to decipher the intricacies of functionings of the human mind. However, I’m acutely aware that mental illnesses are still considered taboo in our society.

No one recognises, addresses, discusses or resdresses these problems. Yet, you’d be  surprised to know that mental illness is not a dirty secret to be always kept under wraps.

I have previously written about my experience and learning from my struggles with depression. There are many more such ailments like anxiety, insomnia, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder, disassociative identity disorder, even kleptomania, to name a few.

Surprisingly enough, these conditions can be plaguing even the most, to be politically correct, “normal” of people around us. Outwardly…

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Have you ever tried to Stifle your pain?

Megha's World


A stifled voice
still mumbling
but choked by
in the numbed mind

A mind
by the atrocities
witnessed by eyes
carved deep inside

A pair of eyes
gazing from emptiness
in heart
to nothing
simply living
an onerous plight

A heart tired
and burdensome
seeking reprieve
from the burdensome
reality weaved by the mind

A mind with thoughts
in the
wanton knowledge
of the malicious body

A body withered and dragged
scraped and bloodied
holding onto the
last dregs of sanity
for his soul, so kind

A static soul
frozen on time
by the memories
and the pain

Static is the pain

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

This post is in response to the daily prompt Static

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Guest Submissions Sought for the Go Do Go Café February Theme: Ursula K. Le Guin

Look what’s brewing in GoDogGo cafe.Be a part of it.

Go Dog Go Café


Steve Fuller has been encouraging the Baristas to develop monthly themes for the Go Dog Go Cafe’s Baristas and guest writers to use as a springboard for their creativity, much like the Chef’s use a unifying ingredient on Iron Chef or Chopped.

We will be launching this “ingredient for the month” concept in February in way that let’s us honor the great writer Ursula K. Le Guin, who we lost earlier this week after an amazing life of writing and inspiring adults and children around the world with her powerful storytelling, poetry, and essays.  We challenge all of you to write a poem, essay, reflective piece, story, flash fiction that honors her, is inspired by a favorite LeGuin story, or dives into the mind of a character in one of her books.  You pick, she is your main ingredient.

If you decide to take us up on our monthly challenge, please submit…

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Only if you knew!

This is so awesome. So many life lessons and clarity on a single page.


The Goal is not to be Successful , The Goal is to be Valuable.

Once you are valuable, Instead of chasing after success,

It would attract itself  to you.

                         –  BOSSBABE

Do you know?

That you are responsible for your actions.

Do you know?

That ignorance is not an excuse.

Do you know?

That the saying “What you don’t know would not kill you”

Is an excuse for those that are not ready to learn?

Do you know?

That knowledge is power!

Do you know?

You are who you think you are and who you see yourself to be?

Do you know?

You are addressed the way you are dressed?

Do you know?

That the way you present/carry yourself, is the way people perceive you to be?

Never mistake knowledge for wisdom.

One helps you make a living;

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