As she opens the door with the anticipation eyes frantically looking  and gazing into the emptiness looking for that loved face she always adored a chill went down her spine and fearing the worst seeing the two soldiers with a crestfallen look on their dejected faces at her door she banged closed the door trying the erase that … Continue reading Conveyer


First Published in the Vita Brevis Literature As I trample the earth under my feet casually walking in the misty garden soaked and drenched in the smell of the recent rains that smell of petrichor unearths, unburies the consciousness of the earth the memories come rolling by of that warm summer evening air is heavy … Continue reading Buried


How many times have you been mistaken for someone else in a crowd or when you are missing someone so dearly that you are constantly looking for bits of him in other people.I guess " The out of sight, out of mind" analogy doesn't work for the people who are longing for their lost ones.Love always leaves a deep impression on your soul, which is hard to forget. Love reflects in mysterious ways.