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My undying love for nature and immense love for dancing in the rain and getting drenched has inspired me to write the following poem.

rainRain, a magical experience
It washes your sorrow and pain
It gathers up sweet memories in the bowl you left outside
It makes you remember the sweet taste of the raindrops
and the feel of the fingers counting the drops on your skin
It quenches the thirst of your soul
and stirs up the emotions of long gone love
It is a healer, a tourniquet
and sometimes it scrapes you bleed a little more
Oh! the divine lords of the sky
Oh! the merciful
Bring me the showers which cleanse me once and for all
Washes my sins and regrets
Fills my wounds with the oh! so calming drops
and release me from all this pain.
Bring me all the joy of jumping in the puddles

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Oh! Now I see an elephantmoving his trunk gallantly around;Walking in his own strideRumbling and thumping the ground. 
Now I see the caravan of ducksfloating awayin that wide blue river;and seagulls flyingand mocking them away.

You look so delicious candy floss likeand it makes my mouth water;Wish I just could take a biteif you were any closer.

Sometimes I see a baby cradled in his mother's lapSo soft and such a loving scene;and at timesI just get scared by the facestaring right at me. 
Fluffs just floating bygives me a calming feeling;tugs my heart and gives it a pushMakes me feel I'm swinging. 
Every time I look at youyou take a different shape;Oh! Dear cloudYou always stir the imagination in meEvery time I look your way.
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Those beautiful lines etched on your skinThe art speaking for itselfEmotions oozing out from each drop of InkAnd pain screaming from each twist and turnEvery stroke of the pen defines youEvery twist of the nipGlorifies youYour beauty needs no jewelsYou are adorned by themPlaying shamelessly Around your curvesBumping and gliding aroundthe turnsIt etched the beauty you were hiding deep withinIt etches the scars you were carrying all inEvery mark whisper sweet nothings in your earEvery needle carve out an impression in your soulWish I could be part of that intimate conversationWish I could be close as they areWish I could be that tattoo on your heart.

Photo by Scott Goodwill on Unsplash

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The circle

The circle of life

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From the stars we came, and to the stars we return.
― Jack Campbell, Relentless


Yes this could be the truth
The moment you are waiting for
The quest for life
The unveiling we all been waiting for

You wait for this to happen
To happen all your life
Heart has been pounding
Ears listening to the drumroll

Eyes peeling out to see the unbelievable
Hands sweating out to see the unspeakable
Yet deep down inside you know
You know it all
This is the moment from where
Everything begins to fall

Fall in the web of deceit and unhappiness
Weaving the web of lies and callousness
You keep breathing with a facade on
Waiting for the day when everything will be gone
The day comes and you become a stardust
Floating in this endless universe
Forever to be gone

You are conceived again as a hope
Holding the end…

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