Would like to conclude the month of love on a high.Would you?

Megha's World


I’m breathing you in
exhaling out
taking puffs of you
and making clouds.

I’m drunk on you
intoxicated by your love
with wine-stained lips
I’m calling out your name

Can’t get more of you
seeping you into my soul
churning my love out.
I’m high on you

Am feeling dizzy
dreaming of us together
swirling around
in squeals of joy
and drenched in
your wet kisses

Stained with the ashes
of our burning together
in the throes of passion
sharing the drag
of intimacy;
addicted to you
turning the illusion of love
into reality

With those dreamy eyes
in a blissed-out body
Who needs a puff, anyways
When I’m high on you, baby.

Photo by Bart Scholliers on Unsplash
This post is in response to the daily prompt  Candid

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A Writer’s fear

I'm trying to balance these words on the tip of the lead so precariously where they tip and falters and every single word, every syllable every article loses its balance it's epicenter and starts falling off falling off at the edges in the deep abyss of the unknown where I can't seem to salvage them anymore they … Continue reading A Writer’s fear

Promote Yourself Monday- February 26, 2018

An excellent opportunity to showcase your work. Come, check out what’s brimming at GoDogGO cafe.

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Welcome to Promote Yourself Monday.  All Go Dog Go Cafe readers, guest writers and baristas are invited to post one link to one specific post (750 words or less please!) from your blog into the comments section below.  Be sure to pick your best recent post*, because we will be choosing a Weekly Barista Favorite to be published in full on the Go Dog Go Cafe with a link back to the your blog.

If you post a link, be sure to read some of the other great writing people have linked to.

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Do you feel like a misfit?

Megha's World

salvatore-ventura-70525.jpgCut from a different cloth
lives in a different world
his thoughts are from a different era
he is very different from us

Not a part of the herd
stands out for himself
doesn’t belong to a flock
follow his own tune
can never be a party pleaser

Can never be owned
has a mind of his own
his personality has a different style
he surely will end up alone

Lives life in his own stride
won’t bow down to anybody
can never be an apprentice
an eccentric, an oddball
He is just, plain and simple finicky

He has his own clan
a misfit between us
a bohemian at heart
or hopeless romantic

He is a loner, a survivor
He isn’t a you or me
How many ways have you been labeled before
If you don’t fit in the society?

Photo by salvatore ventura on Unsplash

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