We are poets

“Poets are shameless with their experiences: they exploit them.”  ― Friedrich Nietzsche We all are trying to touch the bottom of the madness the absolute end to visualize how far we can stretch our insanity and how much it can take the pressure and survive till it breaks down and shatters into small bits of craziness and false … Continue reading We are poets


First published in the Writer's Cafe Magazine ,Issue 10, 2018 I paint you with my metallic tears dripping from my obsidian heart as I draw and sketch and darken the areas ripping me apart I trickle my pain dipped in the copious amount of my nightmare that darken your kohl-lined eyes with the pain my heart bears As … Continue reading Creation

Poetry feature in Little Rose Magazine-Remembrance

Dear friends, One of my poems got published in the July edition of Little Rose Magazine. Little Rose is a Utah-based online magazine of literature and art, aiming to confront issues of identity, such as gender, race, class, religion, intersectionality, internet identity, and culture. Please read my poem Remembrance and leave your precious feedback in … Continue reading Poetry feature in Little Rose Magazine-Remembrance

Poetry feature on Modern Literature-“Heritage”, “Out of Sync” and “Nothing”

Nothing can make my day more special than being featured on the Modern Literature. Modern literature is an international magazine focusing on the latest trends in modern literature from across the world. It showcases the latest trends in the field of literature – Fiction, Literary Non-fiction, Poetry, Interviews, Arts & Politics. I really appreciate the support of … Continue reading Poetry feature on Modern Literature-“Heritage”, “Out of Sync” and “Nothing”