Poetry Published in Visual Verse Vol7 Chapter 5

So thrilled to another of my ekphrastic poem published in the esteemed London/Berlin-based poetry journal Visual Verse. Always thankful to the editors and coeditors for their hard work and support. You can read my poem here. Happy blogging!! Megha Sood Image by Ryan McGuire  

Curiosity kills the cat

In response to the Visual Prompt The purple and orange lights   spilling from the empty walls of these rooms a dry yellow sepia tinge covering the loneliness  creeping behind those walls  Silence is deception-- a necessary camouflage an unending and meaningless soliloquy  going relentlessly in your tired mind when the stillness in your thoughts are … Continue reading Curiosity kills the cat

Poetry published in the Visual Verse Vol 06 Chapter 09

Always an exciting moment to see my words grace this beautiful London/Berlin-based poetry journal Visual Verse challenging its writers with a stunning visual prompt every month.So thankful to the editors for supporting and accepting my work. Please read my poem "Automaton" Happy blogging! Megha Sood mage by Franck V.  

Poetry published on the Visual Verse Vol 06 Chapter 8- “Sustenance”

So delighted to see my poem making the cut for this month anthology at Visual Verse. A London/Berlin-based poetry journal has been challenging the writers with their visually appealing prompts for years. So thankful to the editor Lucie for helping me get through a technical glitch during this month's submission. Please read my poem here … Continue reading Poetry published on the Visual Verse Vol 06 Chapter 8- “Sustenance”