Between the thumb and the forefinger where I'm counting and mapping your freckles as my fingers slide over your curves and etches a map of my universe where my soul my love my passion finds solace, And in every nook and corner of your soul I find shelter for my darkness to hide and dissolve … Continue reading Location


This poem is in continuation of the micro poetry of the same name. Read Origin here. That sweet essence  those aromatic hues encapsulating  me and my soul where my desires douse and  are reborn  as they are  baptized in your love stripped of all my sins as my faults and scars are  slowly and surely erased  and  … Continue reading Origin

My beautiful night

The dark engulfs your sorrows and pains and paint a different shade of happiness A different shade of grey The night paint kohl in your eyes underline the magic in your gaze; it casts the spell of  your tantalizing looks turning my wishes ablaze Takes me, the stranger into the whirlwind of your desire; spins me … Continue reading My beautiful night


“Ultimately, it is the desire, not the desired, that we love.”  ― Friedrich Nietzsche If I drink and lick that sweet wine that elixir dripping from your fingers it will resurrect all my ashen dreams lying lifeless in my graveyard of thoughts it will resurrect me and bring me down will take out the nails and un-crucify … Continue reading Desire


I'm anchored grounded, in your heart where my soul is resting peacefully undisturbed in its tranquility unaware of the turbid emotions taking birth in me A fleeting touch of your palms make the eyelids heavier dreams are becoming reality I have put my worries to rest as I rest my soul in your lap your … Continue reading Anchored

Between- a love poem

Between the spaces of my heartbeats I have knitted you a home Come sit and feel cozy nestled deep in the  embrace of my  soul oozing with the overflowing love that elixir gushing out of  every single pore of my self dripping from the fingertips Come, get washed up in the fountain of sweet milk and honey … Continue reading Between- a love poem


"Some people weave burlap into the fabric of our lives and some weave gold thread. Both contribute to make the whole picture beautiful and unique." --Anonymous Between the threads of reality and threads of our vivid dreams we weave our fabric of life embellish it with our achievements flaunting around with pride and we don't … Continue reading Fabric

Perfect Storm

This poem is in continuation of the micro poetry. Read it here "With a tide rising in your heart and a gale rushing in mine, we brewed a perfect storm together" --Megha Sood Our wild emotions were brewing slowly and surely simmering and rising to the surface ready to be spilled poured out of our … Continue reading Perfect Storm

Speaks to us- By Megha Sood and Shantanu Baruah – A Collaboration

Here comes my second collaboration with one of my favorite poets in the WordPress community. I have really been amazed and equally inspired by Shantanu's magical art of weaving beautiful verses through his magical quill. He blogs at Ckonfab. Do visit his blog if you haven't yet. Do leave your precious thoughts about this collaboration … Continue reading Speaks to us- By Megha Sood and Shantanu Baruah – A Collaboration