List of Publications/Events/Media Mentions for the month of July 2021

July has been a milestone month in the series of my poetry readings at public events. This month I was thrilled to be part of the 10th Annual New York Poetry festival along with my group "Thursday Morning Poets" on July 24, 2021. Thursday Morning Poets group has been curated by the Queens Poet Laureate, … Continue reading List of Publications/Events/Media Mentions for the month of July 2021


I have a secret message a covert skill  I am  conversant with, I have written you a million times  scribbled you secretly  nipped and tucked you in my verses hiding from the prying eyes folded neatly between the pages of my poetry  tucked  secretly under the  poetic verses you can find my eternal love dripping in those context … Continue reading Covert


This city is crazy  this city is brimming  there is always something rotting burning people walk with crinkled noses and with scurried steps with the voice of the screaming heart those spires of the skyscrapers piercing and pinching  the heart of the sky which bleeds on the people who bet their life on the beauty of the alabaster moon … Continue reading Stench

Tiny Buddha

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life. ---Buddha Have you ever looked into the eyes of Buddha a reminiscent of the eternal calm and serenity they wake you from the deep slumber of ignorance the facade of the the life you are living in partially open partially … Continue reading Tiny Buddha

Lost in translation

“The quiet sense of something lost”  ― Alfred Tennyson I'm lost in the translation  wandering between the pages of  a book hiding between the folds and sitting under a neatly folded dog-eared page waiting to be pulled I'm surrounded by the pages  of my life  and left behind in the stories untold that old shattered spine of that dusty book … Continue reading Lost in translation

Quest – A reflection in woods

In that thickness  of the deep mesh of woods where the heart feels the light is denied  and it falls prey  to the devouring reality Those twisted twigs  and tangled thoughts And people living with broken truth my doppelgänger tries to find its true identity Those little saplings  of dreams and wishes cursed by the … Continue reading Quest – A reflection in woods

List of publications for the month of July 2020

I'm excited to share my list of publications/events/interviews for the month of July 2020. Every month I compile the list and share it with my readers as it can serve as a valuable list of places to submit poetry for emerging writers. Following is my list of print publications/news/events for the month of July 2020. 1. … Continue reading List of publications for the month of July 2020

If we never – In response to the Tuesday Writing prompt at GoDogGO cafe

Today’s prompt: Write a poem using the phrase “if we never” “If we never start we never end if we never starve we never crave if we never hurt we never feel pain if we never get wounded we never heal again” --Megha Sood If we never witness the sun setting on the horizon, the time … Continue reading If we never – In response to the Tuesday Writing prompt at GoDogGO cafe


“Emotions - Happiness, anger, jealousy... is the mind experiencing "presence" in our holographic existence.” ― Clyde DeSouza, Memories With Maya They say deep down  inside  we all are built of shapes just pure shapes  not mass or matter a simulation of some sorts our holographic existence this world is built upon We are just random shapes  dancing … Continue reading Simulation

Live to the fullest

“One clear moment, one of trance  One missed step, one perfect dance  One missed shot, one and only chance  Life is all...but one fleeting glance.”  ― Sanober Khan Oh there it goes fleetingly, swimmingly, gently, just another moment traveling on that speck dust on that sliver of light which you hardly noticed with our heads down and … Continue reading Live to the fullest

House(Micro poetry and spoken word)

First Published in FIVE:2: ONE #sideshow magazine, Sept 2018 That dark well in the courtyard is like a monster as it devoured my sister and never spat her out that dark window sill is blackened by my mother's elbows as she waited patiently for my father to arrive those cracks in the basement door plays … Continue reading House(Micro poetry and spoken word)


An ode to amazing, strong, brave, gentle, unapologetic, unabashed, caring, independent, fierce and loving women in our lives on Women's international day!! Be like a waterfall roaring and empowering gushing down with strength' and the beauty for all to see Be like a bird a phoenix to rise from the ashes when the world around … Continue reading Semblance

Cascading truth

“A lie that is half-truth is the darkest of all lies.” ― Alfred Tennyson Cascading truth tucked and compressed buried under the dearth of lies And layers and layers of false reasoning I couldn't find my way out through this pile This swamp of lies angst and pain This quagmire of broken dreams Is taking … Continue reading Cascading truth

We are poets

“Poets are shameless with their experiences: they exploit them.”  ― Friedrich Nietzsche We all are trying to touch the bottom of the madness the absolute end to visualize how far we can stretch our insanity and how much it can take the pressure and survive till it breaks down and shatters into small bits of craziness and false … Continue reading We are poets