Love Story

We all have a love story to tell at some time in our lives.Love stories come in all flavors. Some are whirlwind romances and some are only left with silent glances. Some have the fairy tale endings and some are left with the feeling of an unrequited love.

We all love, we all feel.


Oh well! it wasn't a love story
 It wasn't built on flaming desires
 A stolen kiss or the burning fire
 It wasn't built on the warmth of the touch
 Or the kiss or a caress
 It wasn't made out of sacrifice
 It was a story made of tearful eyes
 And endless pain
 It was made of endless wait and heart full of pain
 It was bleeding from our hearts
 And distances tearing us apart
 It was story that was never being told
 It was story of the flower in the fold
 It ended before it even started
 A story untold...

The amazing picture used in this blog has been taken by Jacob Culp

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