Man-An exercise in futility

Megha's World

The grandiose illusion
subverted by emotion
the cacophony of voices
dying under the
poverty of reason
your pitiful existence
burdened by your shallow
you chest thumping your ego
to the inevitable oblivion
living under the pretense of a
mortal soul
imbued with an immortal illusion
a naysayer to your own existence
you are bound and gagged by your
own wishes and desire
you wish to sooth your soul
by dousing the fire
but the gut-wrenching truth
of those dreams and desires
slips through the cracks
like oil in water
a complete mismatch
you are a blip in this
grandness of reality
a tiny speck
a mark of frivolity
 this sugar-coated lies
will slowly lose its taste
and the sourness of the death
will be rubbed on your face
you were never a creator
you could never be
a mistake by the divine
an exercise in futility.
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Savior-An ode to poetry

On the last day of the National Poetry Month, I would like to post an ode to poetry, which is my savior.Hope you all enjoyed taking part in NaPoWriMo as much as I did. Do leave your thoughts in the comment section and share how poetry has been your savior. Happy blogging! Megha Sood “Poetry heals … Continue reading Savior-An ode to poetry

Poetry feature in Indian Periodical -Apocalypse

My poem has been featured in the latest issue of the Indian periodical. Please read it here In search of a lifetime I crossed lots of moments Hopped over too many memories and ran through many fears In search of a soul mate got too many scars left withering in pain left with my bleeding … Continue reading Poetry feature in Indian Periodical -Apocalypse


Come read my desire for love

Megha's World

“Ultimately, it is the desire, not the desired, that we love.” 
― Friedrich Nietzsche
If I drink and lick
that sweet wine
that elixir
dripping from your fingers
it will resurrect
all my
ashen dreams
lying lifeless
in my graveyard of thoughts
it will resurrect me and
bring me down
will take out the nails and
un-crucify me and
take off the burden of my
broken heart
if you let me spew my
venomous pain
draw a circle of healing and
compassion around us
I’ll drink up all that elixir
and stay timeless in your thought
sunken in the time
leaving an indelible imprint
immortals forever
If you let me bathe in the
moonlight of your presence
and reskinned
me again to born
as a nubile
breathing openly
in this new skin
drinking lavishly from the
cauldron of my thought
speaking in the unborn tongues
and dancing shamelessly
with my naked thoughts

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A cry for life-Megha Sood

Come join the revolution on Whisper and the Roar as we take up the issues of Sexual Exploitation of Women and use our quill to raise awareness.

Whisper and the Roar

This poem is part of the series on the Global Exploitation of women.

The deliberate killing of a newborn female child is called female infanticide.

  • Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) stated that female infanticide for son preference due to a variety of reasons is a worldwide phenomenon with 1.5 million female fetuses being aborted every year.
  • These measures of the governments have not been fully successful because of the easy access to ultrasonography and weak law enforcement
  • The patriarchal nature of our society has caused this evil to continue for centuries.According to a report published in India Today, nearly 2500 cases of female foeticide or female infanticide take place in the state of Rajasthan every day.


I was conceived as a hope
tethered to the
strings of life
gave my mother,
two heartbeats
a moment so precious
so divine.

An unbridled joy
roaming around as a stardust
handpicked you from million

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I hate you

"Yes, there is joy, fulfillment and companionship—but the loneliness of the soul in its appalling self-consciousness is horrible and overpowering." —Sylvia Plath I hate you for replacing my loneliness with your balmy presence With my soliloquy with your sweet symphonies With my moments of monotonous emotions with a rainbow laced with Love Desire Passion And … Continue reading I hate you