Poetry Published in the FIVE:2: ONE # Sideshow Magazine -“House”(Micro poetry)

Dear blogging family, I could not contain my excitement to share this news that my first micro poetry along with spoken word got published in the #Sidehow part of the coveted FIVE:2: One Magazine. They are one of the esteemed Literary magazines referred to by Poets &Writers aka pw.org.I'm really thankful to the editor in chief, … Continue reading Poetry Published in the FIVE:2: ONE # Sideshow Magazine -“House”(Micro poetry)

of dust and pain

First Published in Poppy Road Review, September 2018 The slow effervescence the vaporizing effect of the sadness body losing itself to the thin air slowly and surely the mothball slowly giving it to the air its existence and its frailty and the deep sense of attachment the ephemeral bond between the existence and frailty the curled … Continue reading of dust and pain

An exercise in futility

Following the sham of a Senate hearing (Brett Kavanaugh Vs Dr. Christine Ford)for the last few days has made my blood boil with rage and anger.I'm appalled and enraged at its possible outcome. Be a ladylike, eye pleasing appearance enough to gulp down the lies down your swan bottled neck oh! only to be bejeweled … Continue reading An exercise in futility

Assaulted – Aurora Phoenix

Come read this poem from the talented Aurora Phoenix which paints the brutal face of our reality.

Whisper and the Roar

you were pushed from behind

I heard in the breathless notch

in your measured words

that catch

in your voice

the tremulous quaver

in your understated stand

I have felt those hands

(haven’t we all)

one knife-wielding

– in word or deed –

while the other lays claim

with eyes or clammy paws

to my plush backside

you are the embodiment

of cultured terror apparent

the carbon dated anguish

etched on your skin

your pain quivers

on articulated tips

of your educated tongue

I jump sky high

elbow cocked in self- defense

it fades yet never ebbs

that stretched rubber band

that inhabits cells

twangs unbidden

and we sproing!

he tantrums

spews vile rhetoric

wields his power

his privilege

in ways she would burn

at stake

would she dare give voice

were she to cry crocodile

her ovaries would fry

ahhh those tantrums

we choke down

swallow hot with rancid…

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Sweet notes of freedom

First Published in Visual Verse Vol 5 Chapter 11 My fingers incessantly plucking the strings as they draw the blood from my soul and plays on and on like a long-lost symphony, with truth lodged between my throat as I clutch my teeth together shredding it Oh! so gently   I move my fecund fingertips … Continue reading Sweet notes of freedom

The orphaned rain

First published in Vita Brevis Literature, September 2018 Those dainty droplets running over my windows and leaving a trail a residue of pain, what if the rain feels pain what if it reminisces of the long-lost company the melody of the wine tingling glasses getting slowly warmed near the old fireplace /that brooding pain/ that … Continue reading The orphaned rain