You left me puzzled confused and bedazzled by all the questions you had for me; I was left wondering in my deep heart how the memories of my sunken past was so significant to thee; Confused and irritated and believing in the love I confined it all; You seemed so agitated as you had no past … Continue reading Puzzled



Her supple body coupled with nimble steps on tight rung wire stretched thin on a pole top   Life a gamble between the balance and the misstep she takes the risk from dusk to dawn   People are looking up gazing at the sun to get a glimpse of her how skilfully she moved from … Continue reading Agile

New Me

I smell blood in the water I see sharks all around me heartbroken, downtrodden wandering in search of you finding a way out of this labyrinth the hope keeps burning and the flickering flame never meets its death I'm crossing mountains getting drenched in rivers half drowned, gasping for breath with a parched soul and knees … Continue reading New Me