Tiny Buddha

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.


Have you ever looked
into the eyes of Buddha
a reminiscent of the
eternal calm and serenity
they wake you from the
deep slumber of ignorance
the facade of the
the life you are living in
partially open
partially closed
full of divinity
his aura radiating
from his face
slowly and surely
and calm which slowly gets
infused in
the milieu
like the ripples in the pond
symmetric and centric
the thoughts are percolating in our minds
and gets imbued in our soul
if we meditate
and blinds the dissonance
birthing in our tumultuous minds
in the chaos
of this moments
we will empower the tiny buddha
living in our core.

Photo by Senghak Lee on Unsplash


35 thoughts on “Tiny Buddha

      1. “The essence of Buddhism is the conviction that we have within us at each moment the ability to overcome any problem or difficulty that we may encounter in life; a capacity to transform any suffering. Our lives possess this power because they are inseparable from the fundamental law that underlies the workings of all life and the universe.”

        It’s a practice of the heart and soul – too simple to be expressed in words!❤

        Sharing with you a link – https://www.sgi.org/

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      2. Aww rhis is so precious.Thanks for sharing with me and I’ll definitely check out the link.Have you read the books by David Mitchie. He is writer and a buddhist monk and writes fictios about Dalai Lama abd his cat.I bet you will love it.I have read four of them. and one “fear” by Thick naht Hahn

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