List of Publications/Events/Media Mentions for the month of July 2021

July has been a milestone month in the series of my poetry readings at public events. This month I was thrilled to be part of the 10th Annual New York Poetry festival along with my group “Thursday Morning Poets” on July 24, 2021. Thursday Morning Poets group has been curated by the Queens Poet Laureate, Maria Lisella during the pandemic. I was thrilled to share the stage with my #TMPPoets siblings. If you want to know more about us. Here is the link

The festival was organized at the scenic Governors Island in NYC by the Poetry Society of New York. I read two of my poems from my upcoming chapbook and full-length collection and was elated to meet my literary heroes in person. The day peaked in ecstasy when Kaveh Akbar stayed back for my poetry reading and shared his thoughts about my poem. It was a pure fangirl moment for me. I also met Terrance Hayes, Dr. Ravi Shankar, David Dephy, Roxanne Hoffman. Meeting friends after a lockdown period of 14 months was a blessing.

 In addition to the public reading of poetry, my poem was also displayed in Berry lane Park in Jersey City as part of the public Walk_Bye exhibit “The Women” curated by the founder Catalina Arunguren. I was also thrilled to share the advance reviews of my upcoming chapbook ” My Body is Not an Apology” written by various friends and mentors in the literary community. I’m immensely thankful to them for sharing their thoughts about my work and spending their time with my little bits of creation.  I was also chosen as a featured writer for the London/Berlin-based Ekphrastic Journal Visual Verse and honored to share the space with other fellow writers.

 Some notable publications for this month included OddBall Magazine, 25th Annual Poetry Ink anthology by MoonArts Centre, I was also thrilled to see the media mention of the New York Poetry festival; in many places including Poets.Org, Philadelphia Inquirer, Queens Gazette, NJ Arts Maven, Yelp and many more.

I’m elated to share the space with eminent poet and activist Sonia Sanchez and Toi Derricott in the anthology by MoonArts Centre.

 Finally, the month closed with the author revealing a video of the upcoming anthology “Reimagined Aeronca” by  Vagabond Press. The anthology has been curated by Mark Lipman and has a striking line of poets including The anthology has been curated by Editor Mark Lipman and the sterling lineup of the poets include Louis J Rodriguez, Thelma T. Reyna, Mark Lipman, Matt Sedillo, Coco, Jeffery Martin, Michael Rothenberg, Dean Okamura, Chad Parenteau, Jerry Pendergast, Edward Vidaurre, Carl Stilwell, Mike Sonksen, Dee Allen, Richard Modiano, David Dephy, #USPoetLaureate Joy Harjo, Yours truly and many more.

 July has certainly brought joy to this little poet.  Looking for more joyous moments in the coming month.

 1. Author reveal video for the upcoming anthology ” Reimagine America” by Vagabond Press featuring Joy Harjo and many others.

Author Reveal Video for the upcoming anthology “Reimagine America” by Vagabond Press

2.Poetry Published in the OddBall Magazine
3. Featured poet in the 10th Annual New York Poetry Festival as part of the Thursday Morning Poets
4. Poetry displayed in the Berry Lane Park, Jersey City as part of the Walk_bye Exhibit
5.  Author Signed copies for my upcoming chapbook “My Body Is Not an Apology” by Finishing Line Press
6.  Poetry Published in the 25th Annual MoonArts Ink Anthology by Moonarts Centre
7. Media Mention in the Philadelphia Enquirer for the MoonArts Annual Anthology
8. Poetry Published in the Boundless Anthology, RIO Grande Festival Anthology by FlowerSong Press
9. Media Mention in the Broadway World for the NYC Poetry Festival appearance
10. More Media Mention for the upcoming New York Poetry festival including
11. Advance Praise of the chapbook by LA-based poet Joshua Corwin
12. Advance Parose of the chapbook by Filmmaker, Poet, and artist Kalpna Singh Chitnis
13. Featured Writer in the July edition of the London/Berlin-based Ekphrastic Journal, Visual Verse
14. PBS Portrait, The Story of Us told by Us
15. Advance Praise of the chapbook by Meenakshi Mohan
16. Advance Praise of the chapbook by Lakshmi Kannan
Happy Poetry!!
Megha Sood

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