Deny me bread, air, light, spring, but never your laughter for I would die.
–Pablo Neruda
It is the sheer feeling
that mere thought
that I can be turned down
for the most beautiful
wonderous feeling
on the face of this earth
a feeling so deeply woven.
into the fabric of our hearts.
The core of every being
that echoes
the reason for your existence
the feeling
the constant irk,
the absence of which gnaws at
my soulful heart
It’s’ eccentricity
and the oddities
I can still feel flowing in my veins
and the numerous forms it takes
when you call out its name
it turns you into a magician
who skillfully can erase all the pain
It resurrects you and
molds in you into the forms
with its fleeting touches
and a seraphic soul
tuns the mortal into divine
with the intoxication it carries
can turn your blood
into that vintage wine
It sculpts its home
in the deepest corners
when the puny feelings
abandons it
it embraces the heart
and nurtures it
like a loyal servant,
skillful in his art
Deep seeded in the serenades
most beautiful of the lullaby
its finds its harmony in the aubade
when the sun rises to shine
it shares the richness in the
Polaris that shines brightly
in the heart of the night
keeping the celestial love
burning with passion
that are eons apart
I am still left amazed
that I can be turned down
for the most beautiful feeling
deep seeded in my loving heart.
Photo by Javier Ramos on Unsplash


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