“Emotions – Happiness, anger, jealousy… is the mind experiencing “presence” in our holographic existence.”
― Clyde DeSouza, Memories With Maya

They say deep down 
we all are built of shapes
just pure shapes 
not mass or matter
a simulation of some sorts
our holographic existence
this world is built upon
We are just random shapes 
dancing and roaming 
around in this infinity
Our voices bouncing around
and echoing
till we are lost for eternity
My fingers 
are tracing your shape
an illusion 
trying to give you an identity
an amorous feeling 
rising from the deep within
its just a reflection
a projection 
of some sort of twisted reality
If there is no
mass or matter
and we are just random shapes
why not 
shape our voices
our cacophony
this deafening sound
into a beautiful 
long-lasting symphony
A beautiful creation 
which hangs in the 
between the limbo
of dreams and reality
and giving voices to
our crestfallen soul 
and our make-believe 
Photo by Josh Marshall on Unsplash
P.S: This poem of mine has been inspired by quotes of Elon Musk, who believes that there might be a possibility that we are living in a simulated world. Watch this video, if you want to know more about it. Elon Musk.

30 thoughts on “Simulation

  1. Yes! Why not shape it into a harmonious existence instead of the pushing and pulling we take part in as humans. I love your take on this topic and the infinite number of possibilities your words evoke.

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      1. You are welcome, always. I love your work and a first week back to work was sooo busy that I have had little time to read, comment and write. Now i have a day off, I am catching up 🙂

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      2. Aw, yes, I love my readers and I love reading them. There is such a beautiful diverse community of writers out there. I wish I had more time in the day to read all the poetry I want to read. If only we could slow time down and squeeze a few more awake hours into the day. Thanks, always, for the kind words.

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