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I enrolled myself
to become part of your
fictitious life
to feel lonely and dejected
to feel unwanted
breathing  just to survive

I am decked up
under false pretenses
and shining those
fake smiles
and forced grin
passing cheers to everyone
or anyone
who seems akin.

Happy to be your arm candy
and feeling whole
to be called as a trophy wife
I lived every single day
lapping up as a disguise

Those shimmering
jewels and stones
the brightness of those
can leave you blinded
were able to attract everybody
and left me blindsided.

Wishing to give the chaos in my life
a pause, a temerity.
Never realized  the moment
when I traded happiness of my life
with my security.

This post is in response to the daily prompt
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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22 thoughts on “Fake

  1. To see them lose a precious opportunity to be themselves, is a sad view. But hey, its their loss, not ours. Let’s stay this same awesome without letting them have any power over us.

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  2. Oh, gosh, I’ve been there. It’s tough when you are just one among many being wooed. I once wrote that sometimes, to become what we think others prefer us to be, we stop being ourselves and in turn lose a large part of what makes us unique. Your words about trying to fit in and being arm candy, it’s such truths for so many. Relevant and relative to the times. Great writing!

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