Man-An exercise in futility

The grandiose illusion
subverted by emotion
the cacophony of voices
dying under the
poverty of reason
your pitiful existence
burdened by your shallow
you chest thumping your ego
to the inevitable oblivion
living under the pretense of a
mortal soul
imbued with an immortal illusion
a naysayer to your own existence
you are bound and gagged by your
own wishes and desire
you wish to sooth your soul
by dousing the fire
but the gut-wrenching truth
of those dreams and desires
slips through the cracks
like oil in water
a complete mismatch
you are a blip in this
grandness of reality
a tiny speck
a mark of frivolity
 this sugar-coated lies
will slowly lose its taste
and the sourness of the death
will be rubbed on your face
you were never a creator
you could never be
a mistake by the divine
an exercise in futility.
Photo by Carson Arias on Unsplash


This post is in response to the daily prompt Fact
P.S: “Man” term here refers to the humanity, not a specific gender.

29 thoughts on “Man-An exercise in futility

  1. This one is beyond stunning.
    I mean, genuinely, Megha this is a masterpiece. The way the words flowl in after one other, giving each other a different meaning and how reading it in my head I almost felt like I was reading it in the voice that you imagined one to read it in.
    I loved it so much! 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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