For When the Stars Refuse to Shoot

Come read this beautiful piece from one of the prolific and beautiful master crafters I have ever read.

5 thoughts on “For When the Stars Refuse to Shoot

  1. I am beyond humbled by your kind words and wonderful gesture. From this simple poet to you, whose work I truly admire and enjoy thank you, so, so much.

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      1. Aw, you are kind. I say simple because I don’t think about my writing and I only write what I see and feel. I am not one to pour over how to say things or one of those who spends hours working on perfecting a piece. But,I guess the reality is, none of us are simple and it is only after all the complex functions of ingesting and digesting the world around us that we regurgitate in the form of poetry. And grounded is a must or else our egos get the best of us 🙂

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      2. and that is the essence of writing poetry churning oue thoughts out on the paper doesnt matter if you took a moment or few days to express it.I’m always write as a I feel writer.
        and yes we all are reflections of our experiences anything but simple.

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