Comments going to spam

Hey blogging family,

Yes, you have heard that right..since yesterday all or any of the comments I’ve been leaving on the fellow blogger’s sites are not showing up and going to their spam folders.

Please check your spam folder and unspam it.I’ll be contacting the WordPress support for the same.

Do share your thoughts if you have gone through the same horrible experience and what might have helped you.

Waiting to be un-spammed,




47 thoughts on “Comments going to spam

    1. Hey Paul, I just left a comment on your site and it didn’t show up.This has started since yesterday so comments before yesterday will not be in spam.Can you please confirm?


  1. Megha, I think this happens to everyone at least once. WP will refer you to, the spam “handler” so I suggest you go directly there with your URL and tell them to straighten it out. They are good, they will usually have it fixed in a day , maybe two.

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  2. My sympathizes are with you. I experienced the same problem. I know how frustrating it is. They ended up getting resolved when I got a new blog. But I had other problems with my blog as to why I got a new blog. I bet it will work itself out. 🙂

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      1. I do too. :hug: You probably won’t have to start over. I had problems with my followers seeing my posts, amongst other little things that added up to a new blog.

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  3. Reblogged this on Megha's World and commented:

    I can’t believe I had to reblog my post cause again my comments are going to spam folders…so please check your spam and folders and let me know…I’m so pissed at WP tech support right now.


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