State of my mind


Or refined
Lost in the vision
the state of my mind

Tangled in thoughts
Free from fear
Broken into pieces
rolled in blood and smeared
appalled by the atrocities
yet continues to exist
sanctity underlined

yet teeming with thoughts
forgotten faint melodies
feeling so distraught
clutching tight the memories
living in fear of being caught
learning the immortal melody
for the mortal being designed

Caught in the paradox of life
living the lie unseen
perceptive yet perplexed
complicated and yet divine
solving the mediocrity of life
and yet staying sublime

Constantly amazed by
the brilliance
ruminating about life
so receptive
never cased to learn
the morals hidden
behind the banalities
of life

Stillness of the thoughts
the divine state
gazing into the unknown
with a profound stare
believing in the miracles
of life
still to be defined

Caught in the existential crisis
slipping into the inevitable
holding onto the memories
staying alert till senile

Transitioning into states
and holding onto the identity
a man with thousand faces
anchored in the beautiful thoughts
is the state of my mind.

Picture by Peter Kaul on Pixabay

This post is in response to the daily prompt Inscrutable


27 thoughts on “State of my mind

      1. lol the other UK guy I’ve been chasing for months finally emailed his interview about the same time as yours, what was the chance! So will post them at a similar time 🙂

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