I hate you

“Yes, there is joy, fulfillment and companionship—but the loneliness of the soul in its appalling self-consciousness is horrible and overpowering.”
—Sylvia Plath


I hate you for replacing my
loneliness with your balmy presence
With my soliloquy
with your sweet symphonies
With my moments of monotonous emotions
with a rainbow laced with
And everything in between

My eternal silences
With your giggles and laughter
filling and seeping in the gaps in between
where you have secretly lightened the
deep dark corners of my heart
with your moonlight presence

Playing hide and seek
With your smile
as bright as crackling fireworks
With your aura
your illuminating presence
consuming my darkness from within

I hate you for taking away the
sorrow which was mine
my mind seeded
with my forlorn thoughts
And filled it with love
which is yours
Oh! I hate you
for loving me so deeply.


Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash


49 thoughts on “I hate you

  1. Such a unique concept for describing the importance and impact of love. I guess we ‘hate’ it because once we have it there is always the fear of losing it. But, as the old adage says: better to have loved and lost, right? Really love the emphasis on the most important words: love, desire, passion and deeply (which describes the first three). Awesome writing!! I love it!

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      1. And I hate having to constantly read everything you write because I love it so darn much 🙂 🙂 You are most welcome!!!

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    1. Thanks Soundflyer for your insight.Indeed love is harder than hate as it overcomes the feeling of loneliness we have been holding onto and hate when loves comes and conquers it.


  2. I very much enjoyed this poem. The narrow line between love and hate, the powerful nature of each emotion is fuel for poetic expression. You poem was a balm in itself here on a weather warning of rain and strong wind Sunday!

    There are other perspectives on this subject. Love as mind control.

    The constant expression of “Love” can be a form of control by “loving” the behaviours the “lover” wants to see from the “loved” and as a result a resentment can grow within the loved about being “loved” too well, that feeling perhaps even becoming hatred.

    Is it what happens between the love tokens, words and acts that establish the balance within a relationship and indicate the strength of that love? Your poem answers those questions, until the dark shadow at the end…Sylvia Plath would have given you a Like, I feel.

    However, expectations of being loved are also potentially tools of manipulation. Love gently.

    Thank you again for your poetry.

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    1. Wow I’m overwhelmed at your deep insight into my poem.I’m so honored that you have taken you precious time to give my poem a read and then comparing me to Sylvia Plath is a feather in the cap.I’m no where near to the writings. of that fabulous women.

      Yes, As you have correctly mentioned the juxtaposition of love and hate in relationship have been a poetic fuel for centuries.Thanks again for reading and commenting.


  3. Oh so beautiful, My Dear!! A perfect capture of the transforming nature of love! This was really great! The old – I Love You, I Hate You! Billissimo, Megha!!!

    This hit such a familiar chord in me but couldn’t put my finger on it until I realized you have joined some prestigious company with this post – it reminded me of the song in My Fair Lady – I’ve Grown Accustomed To Your Face.


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      1. You are way too Sweet, My Dear! Once in awhile I guess right. LOL!! I’m so happy I made your day! Thank makes my day!!!! Nice to have shared Glee!!! Once you know true love you can never really be happy without it in your life!!! Like Chocolate – If you’ve never had it, you never miss it – but once you’ve had it, you miss it! Ha!

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  4. I love this stanza

    “With your giggles and laughter
    filling and seeping in the gaps in between
    where you have secretly lightened the
    deep dark corners of my heart
    with your moonlight presence”

    The imagery is very vivid. Great work!

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