“We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be.”
― Patrick Rothfuss

Are we all wearing masks these days? Are we all hiding our true identities from each other? I feel that people have stopped sharing their true emotions, stopped confiding in friends and people around them.  We only share secret when we attach a nondisclosure agreement in the relationship.

That’s’ not an honest sharing.People have stopped telling each other the deep dark secrets as they don’t trust anyone, anymore.


Because everyone is hiding their true identity from each other so everyone is so guarded against each other that they feel very scared and threatened if anyone tries to enter their private and sacred place.The sacred place of their thought and real emotions.They use it as a respite from the truth.

That’s’ the reason the relationships are so fragile and shallow these days. They don’t have the deepness of trust built in them.

We all want to hide behind a mask.The masks can either protect you or can act as a coping mechanism in the superfluous society where every weakness today is mocked upon.Where every honest and naive heart seems as the most fragile and vulnerable one. Where evil is just lurking around the corner to devour your honest intention and make you feel regret about sharing the true self at the first place.

You use your mask as a shield, am armor, against all the hatred in the world.
and only reveals your true self to the closest person you have in your life. Some might have one, some unfortunate people don’t have that privilege and they finally succumb to their feelings.We have hotlines to deal with people suffering from depressions and having suicidal thoughts but the same person is being totally shunned in his own living space.

We proud ourselves to be called as a social animal. But deep inside how social are we.?

Are we social to people who voice out their problems and strong opinions in the public? Are we tolerant or civil to the opinion when it’s on the other end of the spectrum?

No, Absolutely not.

They say ” Internet is the perfect hiding place, as it doesn’t reveal you’re true identity”.

The internet is your true mask.

I guess that’s the reason where a person is more comfortable to voice their opinion in an online forum rather than taking a stronger stand in the town hall.

We all wear masks and everyone has their own reason.

Are you wearing one today or are you the reason for someone wearing their own?

Photo by Finan Akbar on Unsplash

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