You left me puzzled confused and bedazzled by all the questions you had for me; I was left wondering in my deep heart how the memories of my sunken past was so significant to thee; Confused and irritated and believing in the love I confined it all; You seemed so agitated as you had no past … Continue reading Puzzled



“Even the most beautiful of the stars are taken for granted night after night.” ― Veronika Jensen My heart is  broken, smashed, squelched countless times broken, shattered, splintered  in million pieces it has suffered enough no amount of assurance  and a lesson in life  can keep it  from  shredding, tearing, breaking How do you survive? you ask, … Continue reading Putty

Warrior- To celebrate the Women History Month

One day I'll be ready for you bathed in the moonlight fragrant by lilies sweetened by the nectar hidden by the bees I'll ready for you I will wash all my scars and sin and scrape all the marks of the sin, I'm bearing will scrub all the pain angst anger and the regret I'm … Continue reading Warrior- To celebrate the Women History Month