Reblogging this in response to the daily prompt Patina
which means “an impression or appearance of something.”.

Megha's World


Is your soul perfectly round, chiseled and shaped to perfection? Are you not rough around the edges anymore, and all your flaws have been smoothed?   Did they cover and caulk all the holes in it? Sanded and brushed so that no sin can seep in and polished you with love masking all the defects.   Have they taped all the corners so that no vice can stick out? No mistake or no fault of yours can ever come out.   Does all this hypocrisy give you the everlasting sheen? even if the layers inside you are peeling within.   Does all this work and handicraft makes you emotion-resistant? Are you are unswayed by the fight underneath?   Air dried by years of your existence Moulded by your coats of experience Did they glue up and saw all the intricacies? Primed you with love and its intimacy. Are you really sure that now you are…

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