How many times have you been mistaken for someone else in a crowd or when you are missing someone so dearly that you are constantly looking for bits of him in other people.I guess " The out of sight, out of mind" analogy doesn't work for the people who are longing for their lost ones.Love always leaves a deep impression on your soul, which is hard to forget. Love reflects in mysterious ways.

My giving mother

I refuse to give up on the beauty of this nature which surround and engulfs me every time I sit in her lap every time a hear the twittering take Of the redneck or the clickety-clack of the woodpecker gentle humming of bees the symphony they weave in nature leaving their genteel touch in eternity's … Continue reading My giving mother

Poetry published in the Basil O’ Flaherty

I'm really happy to know that one of my poems has found a home in the Basil O' Flaherty Lit Magazine. Really thankful to the editor J.K.Shawhen to accept my poem. The Basil O' Flaherty is an online literary arts website and publisher. It was created to showcase writers and artists, and to publish anthologies. … Continue reading Poetry published in the Basil O’ Flaherty