“Remembering is easy. It's forgetting that's hard.” ― Brodi Ashton Dust off that memories I succinctly painted on your forehead kissed and painted all those stars lying up with the freckles on your face filling your pores with moonlight in all the crevices Dust off my memories and shrug those small tales of laughs, giggles and occasionally guffaws I … Continue reading Dusting


Yes, I'm allergic allergic to your sullen mouth your taunts that constant grin on your face and the hurtful words that always pull me down Yes, I'm allergic to the misogyny reeking from your pores Yes, I'm allergic to your self-boisterous attitude and your constant hurling of insults which rips me down to the core … Continue reading Allergic


I'm almost there dragging my feet pushing myself to the limit almost running out of breath breathless and panting   I'm almost there I can see the  finish line my heart beating still pulling myself with all my strength and still not losing the grin   I'm almost there pushing my boundaries and testing my limits saying a … Continue reading Mirage


Dreams come from the past, not from the future. Dreams shouldn't control you-you should control them. -Haruki Murakami- What kind of dreams do you get at night? Are they the cozy, romantic full of passion. Which makes you dreamy-eyed and gives you the warm and cozy feeling of sleeping in your comfortable bed or they … Continue reading Dreams


As I publish my 100th post today I couldn't be more grateful and thankful to all my friends, readers, followers who have spent their precious time in reading my posts and have given me feedback. With almost a 1000 followers and readers from 65 countries around the world and counting. Thanks a zillion for appreciating … Continue reading Window