Between the thumb and the forefinger where I'm counting and mapping your freckles as my fingers slide over your curves and etches a map of my universe where my soul my love my passion finds solace, And in every nook and corner of your soul I find shelter for my darkness to hide and dissolve … Continue reading Location

We are poets

“Poets are shameless with their experiences: they exploit them.”  ― Friedrich Nietzsche We all are trying to touch the bottom of the madness the absolute end to visualize how far we can stretch our insanity and how much it can take the pressure and survive till it breaks down and shatters into small bits of craziness and false … Continue reading We are poets


This poem is in continuation of the micro poetry of the same name. Read Origin here. That sweet essence  those aromatic hues encapsulating  me and my soul where my desires douse and  are reborn  as they are  baptized in your love stripped of all my sins as my faults and scars are  slowly and surely erased  and  … Continue reading Origin


Perched at the top but still looking down with those eyes seeking love and solace gazing from emptiness to nothing I'm the single soul left in this metropolis where I can see every one but everyone is blind to see me   Those crimson tinge skies carrying the smell of the dusk laced with the dancing specks of … Continue reading Perched

The Wall

“Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime.” ― Mineko Iwasaki I'm pushing and shoving hoping it would fall it should crumble any moment I have to weaken its resolve it cannot surround me anymore it cannot fight me out long I'm done being pushed into a corner waiting … Continue reading The Wall


This poem is in continuation of my micro poetry.Please read it here.Rain.   Pitter Patter as it drops slowly  seeps into my soul and make its home with every word, syllable  I create and morph as my quill dances on the papyrus it drenches my soul leaving behind that petrichor an effervescence an everlasting fragrance  it spreads … Continue reading Rain

Silence- A beautiful conversation

This poem is in continuation of the micro poetry of the same name.Read it here Silences between the conversation the most beautiful feeling The pause where the world stops but the feeling flows eternally Silence of the heart The rhythm to which the heart beats  untuned with the chaos of the world paired only with … Continue reading Silence- A beautiful conversation

Braid- In the honor of National Poetry Month #NaPoWriMo

Braiding my cryptic  tangled  knotted  words gently and smoothly in a clockwork motion never to step out of the sync like an assembly line worker making sure not to miss a plait or to let a single hair fall out of line and blotch the beauty I'm weaving so sublime it will come out to be breathtaking undefined a … Continue reading Braid- In the honor of National Poetry Month #NaPoWriMo


I'm getting enraged constantly irked by the  inconsistencies in life bothered by the roadblocks ups and downs and inequality small glitches  and bumps and those  occasional stops  which hinders  forms a patina to its   constant glow knocks down the  its ebb and flow   Hung between  the tranquil and the turbulence  leaves with me  the frustration  … Continue reading Pause


“We often confuse what we wish for with what is.”  ― Neil Gaiman, MirrorMask I'm suffering from the dyslexia of emotions always getting confused and bewildered when the pain crosses the boundary to get mixed with the love when my longing  for the company is oft met by your absence and a flurry of excuses for us to … Continue reading Dyslexia


First published in Modern Literature, July 2018 Those shriveled wrinkled fingers passing on that family album with a fleeting touch has passed on the generations under our feet Those quivering shaking voices singing the lullaby at night and the sparkling stories jumped hoops from generations, is scattering the wisdom worth eons in mere minutes Those bony taloned … Continue reading Heritage