Silence- A beautiful conversation

This poem is in continuation of the micro poetry of the same name.Read it here


Silences between the conversation

the most beautiful feeling

The pause where the world stops

but the feeling flows eternally

Silence of the heart

The rhythm to which the heart beats 

untuned with the chaos of the world

paired only with him

Raindrops are mute too

but touches you whole 

as they make a trail on your skin

washing the hurt away and 

cleansing your soul

Silence in the beautiful moonlight

flaming desires in the silent hearts

Those unspoken vows 

keeps you entangled from the start

Silence of the deep river

in the flapping wings of the butterfly

silence in the middle of the night

in the deepest of the woods

where you soul commune with the god

Silence, it has its own language

The most beautiful conversation

It will sway your heart

Only if you listen to it.


Photo by Marco De Waal on Unsplash


52 thoughts on “Silence- A beautiful conversation

  1. A beautiful extension of the micro-piece. Everything around us speaks, as do our hearts and souls. Listening is surly the key to hearing and self reflection leads to understanding. Love it, Megha!

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