This poem is in continuation of the micro poetry.Read it here

Those fleeting glances
those eye contact
never bothered me
there were many
in the crowded room,
in the subway,
in the clubs,
on the dance floor
They could never hold my gaze for
too long
none of them were that strong
They could not hitchhike my emotions
were too hard for them to bear
they can’t see
the infuriating
lava flowing in my soul
they were always alarmed by the
warmth oozing out from me
worried about the blisters
on their timid heart
they ran away as far
as they could
it was too hot
for them to handle
they always admired
from a safe distance
And then one fateful day
I found you
locked in a stare
that lasted for eons
and the time stood still
and the universe danced
intoxicated in its beauty
and the angels
were too tempted
to sin at least once
Baby, when our eyes met
it set our souls on fire.
Photo by Mark Skeet on Unsplash

46 thoughts on “Inflammable

  1. A single stare, locked for eons…. this is it – this is where souls truly connect. Great expansion on the micro piece. Beautiful poetry!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh, my Megha! You set a fire here too with your words and emotions! I really loved this so much! I’ve always been fascinated with eyes, glances and stares! This is really stunning!

    But then I think you’ve already read my post “Her Eyes”??

    Have I told you about the secret of a 7 second stare? If not, remind me when I share about my new favorite poet!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “They could not hitchhike my emotions”

    Excellent. Such a passionate piece that speaks to the power of a single individual brave enough to reach out and connect with another human, or better… that person who Sees the real person behind the facade walking through the world. Beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

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