“We often confuse what we wish for with what is.” 
― Neil Gaiman, MirrorMask

I’m suffering from the dyslexia
of emotions
always getting confused and
when the pain crosses the boundary to
get mixed with the love
when my longing  for the company is
oft met by your absence
and a flurry of excuses
for us to be apart

I’m suffering from the dyslexia of emotions
when the intense passion
and desire longed by my heart
gets confused by the mere
entanglement of our body parts

I’m suffering from the dyslexia of emotions
when my attempt to surprise you
and  feeble attempts to win your heart
gets lost in the incessant
screaming and shouting
tearing us apart

I’m suffering from dyslexia of emotions
when every feeling of joy
of togetherness
gets mixed up
and gets scarred.

I’m suffering from dyslexia of emotions
when joys and pain are hard to tell apart.

Photo by Nathaniel Shuman on Unsplash

20 thoughts on “Dyslexia

  1. What a unique and brilliant concept. Love how you’ve captured this. The balance of mixed emotions can be daunting and dyslexia is a great way to describe it.


  2. nice phrase – dyslexia of emotions, reading mixed up feelings and getting even more confused. I just read another blog post that advises to get rid of those feelings or people who confuse us with manipulation. I would want to apply that. I salute your gift with words Megha!

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